June 4, 2013

New England Junk

Wow! So much to talk about since the last post.
And, let me apologize now for the lousy pictures.
They came straight from my iPhone without
passing through an editing program.

First, sister #4, Jan, and niece Talma, and I spent 8 days in beautiful New England. I have been home a week and already I would love to return there to escape our Southern heat and humidity! We ate and junked and laughed and played and then ate some more!!!  More about the trip later. But in the meantime...

...Here are some New England junkin' finds
I got incredible deals on this silver plate
In fact, incredible deals were everywhere.
Talma even bought suitcases to fill up
for the return flight back to Florida.

 Weathered boards and old car mirrors
wreaked havoc with my 50 lb. luggage limit!
Can you say carry on?
Can you say broken shoulders?

Found this old French lithograph
 in a tiny junk shop in Provincetown

 Next, Alex started her last year of the 3 year nursing program last week so I am getting used to her new schedule . Mason also started playschool last week (3 days a week)  and after his first 3 days, he is a sick little guy!  Unlike my girls when they were young, he did not tug on his ears, turn red in the face, or complain. He had a fever only at night and was coughing. Thanks to an intuitive nurse - mom,  and a trip to the doctor this morning, he is now on antibiotics for an ear infection and upper respiratory infection. :  (    Hopefully, he will make a fast recover and get back to school. 
Our little sick fireman
breathing through his mouth!

Lastly, I have been trying to get used to my new laptop.  G-Man gave me the choice of an iPad or a new laptop for Mother's Day and I chose the laptop. I have a Kindle Fire and I don't really like to play on the internet on small devices. I enjoy reading and watching movies in bed on it and that's about it. So, I now have a Toshiba big screen laptop. I love, love, love the huge screen - Pinterest looks better than ever now!!!
I am trying to adjust to Windows 8 in spite of all of the negative things on the internet!  I have been using Windows Vista forever and could drive that thing pretty fast.  I am crawling on Windows 8!!!  After 2 frustrating hours, I finally have both of the copiers connected and Windows Office up and running.  I still need to download Picasa or another picture program so I can try to  transfer my pictures from Picasa or I think uploading  them all to albums will allow me to access them online. (Ugh, that didn't work after all) Still need to download a photo editing program - thinking about something other than Picasa- share if you are in love with one!
 I have my old computer set up right next to this new one and spend more time researching "how to" than actually getting things done!  I have a whole new respect for you computer savvy folks out there! It just shouldn't be this hard!


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  1. Happy to see you back in blogland Rhonda:) The trip sounds like a lot of fun...I have always wanted to see New England...maybe one day. Looks like you were able to bring back some goodies.


  2. Sounds like such a fun trip and you found some super treasures. Hope your little man gets better fast. Hugs, Marty

  3. I hear you- I have been trying to learn how to use my new computer, too. Crazy huh?
    Sorry about the little fireman. Hope he feels better soon.
    Love all your junking finds. Bet that was a load to carry through the airport! UGH- xo Diana

  4. It sounds like you had a great time, Rhonda! Love all the silver pieces you found, including the piece holding the silverware. Poor Mason, I hate when little ones have colds. I always wish they just knew how to blow their nose. I'm sure it would help them to get it out of there. : ) I tell my granddaughter {3 in July} to blow and she does it through her mouth. Hope he is feeling better soon.

  5. You found some great things!! Sorry your adorable little fireman isn't well. Hope he gets better real soon!


  6. Love all of your finds, gal! Especially that lithograph! Just beautiful! Hope your adorable little fireman is all better now!
    Have a lovely week!

  7. Sorry to hear about fireman sickness:) but he looks cute in red. All your junks looks valuable assets for me!


  8. Just popping it to say hello.
    Hope all is well with you.


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