October 6, 2014

Junking For City Farmhouse Pop Up Show

I woke up at 6:00 this morning and was at the hospital for some test by 7:30 only to discover that my appointment is tomorrow! Of course I was bummed and mad at myself for not checking my calendar!  I would blame the confusion on old age, but in all fairness, the appointment had been changed twice and then  two separate tests were changed to the same day!  I get to do the early bird thing all over again tomorrow!
Not wanting the whole day to be a waste, I spent two hours in Target waiting for my favorite junk shops to open. I spent two more hours there making some good discoveries!
 Here are some of my finds
 I love white ironstone
I found this large antique platter and a lovely covered casserole dish

The chippy green paint on this horse hair brush is wonderful!
I think it may be a bench brush???

 I almost didn't pick up the platter because it looked so new and white.
I'm glad I did.  It's a T & R Boote - 16"x 12 1/2"
  I am astonished that this platter is in such good condition - it's really old!

 Two Ball jars with zinc lids,  Meakin ironstone cream pitcher,
old cutting board,  vintage Christmas bulbs,
and a metal something or other!

 The bulbs are the small screw it type
Love the bubble  lights

This is a small tureen - without it's spoon   : (
The frames are incredible. 
The paintings by Kelly - not so much!

 This is why I bought them!  It may be hard to part with these lovelies!

I hope y'all find some goodies this week.

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September 21, 2014

Making Pumpkins

OMG,  Fall will officially be here in six hours!!!   I pretty much spent the hot, humid summer indoors.  The heat kicks my backside!  I realize that it won't automatically be chilly in the morning, but the end is in sight for sweltering hot days and I am very happy about that.

Last year, around this time, I started shopping for 'real' pumpkin stems to use on my handmade pumpkins.  I could not believe the price these little pieces of wood were fetching!   That's when I  decided that I would be on the hunt  for pumpkin stems to use for this years pumpkins. I happened to be in Florida right before Halloween so I stopped at a Pensacola Church, in the pouring rain,  to see if they would let me walk through their soggy pumpkin lot and retrieve stems.  Not only did they let me, they helped me!  I was soaking wet but thankful for real stems to use this year.

This weekend I made pumpkins with real stems!

I think my favorite is the burlap one

The bright orange velvet one is cute

 Three little white velvet pumpkins

 My cloche wouldn't fit over the pumpkins  : (

They won't stay on this table
I will use a single large pumpkin so the cloche will fit

The stems are a little large for these pumpkins
but, by George, I was going to use them!!!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Here are some pumpkins that I made last year
 There is something about grouping 
three pumpkins together that I love

 What a good use for an old orange chenille bedspread!

Pieces of vintage doilies and fabric strips added a little something

 And, the stem?  Yes, it's a twig from my yard.
Thus, the reason for wanting real pumpkin stems!

 I love these black velvet pumpkins from lasts year

I bought $1.00 pumpkins from the dollar store
just to use their stems - painted them white for contrast.
Again, the reason for wanting real pumpkin stems

I will be making more pumpkins.  I might even make a few larger ones to take to City Farmhouse Pop up Show!!! 
Have a great week!
* * * * * *  

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August 22, 2014

Major Frustrated This is a Test

How frustrated am I, you ask?  VERY!  I have not been able to sign on here since I posted my last post on Sunday. Something weird happened when I published that post - a white line mysteriously appeared through my page.
 I did manage to click on comments and somehow was able to  connect to Coastal Charm's party, but could not link back to her blog - sorry Linda!
Nothing is clickable from my homepage.  I cannot sign in from there - I can't do squat!!
 I am here now only because I have spent hours researching what to do - my latest attempt was signing in to www.blogger.com instead of my regular URL address and BAM  - here I am.  Now lets just hope this shows up and I can carry on.
Did I say I was frustrated?????  My blog brain is mush!
Okay, I see that this post shows up but white line is still running down my page and again, nothing is clickable!  
I guess I can sign on through blogger, not a huge deal.
Sometimes I want to throw in the towel for good!
Hope your blogging week was better than mine....

August 4, 2014

Estate Sale Finds

Happy Monday everyone.
 I went to a local estate sale on Wednesday and found some lovely things.  Best of all, I left a bid on a beautiful antique French desk. I was totally surprised when I got a call on Friday afternoon. It  had not sold and I had the highest bid.  WHAT?  I couldn't believe it

 Love old jewelry and accessories

This seashell belt is incredible.  It had the original sticker price on it $80.00!
It isn't marked, so I can't find any information on it.
The belt is a fine gold metal that has been woven -
 pretty amazing.
These vintage earrings are so sweet

Hand painted porcelain pin 

The matches are wax????  
 I don't get it, but I love the little cylindrical box!

 The necklace is really pretty -
 pearls and clear rhinestones.

 This is the French desk that I got.

 It will be going to the City Farmhouse Pop up Sale.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope your week is a good one.
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August 1, 2014

Angel Wings and Crowns

 Creating crowns and painting wings

New inventory at Blue Creek Home Etsy Shop

 I adore angel wings and crowns

Request a custom finish on a pair of these wings

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