March 29, 2015

Easter Vignettes

I have been MIA for a while - so much has happened.  

We lost sister #1, Mary Marcelle Redden, in January. I know she is in a much better place but I miss her so much. She had a massive brain aneurysm in the middle of the night and it did so much damage that she was never a candidate for surgery.  The family got to be by her side all day while a ventilator kept her breathing and we waited for her daughter to arrive in AL from FL. I am thankful that I got to hold her hand and touch her face. Soon after her daughter arrived, she was taken off like support.  Her service was amazing - beautiful music by our niece, Amanda Bynum Singer, and beautiful memories shared by different family members. So, my heart is heavy because I miss her here on Earth, but I rejoice because we will be together again. I will always love you beautiful Mar.

The next thing that has me distracted is planning a wedding! Our oldest daughter, Alexandra, is getting married on August 29th, 2015.  We are busy making plans and I am thinking I will be able to do the whole thing - DIY style!!!  I  know, I know - doing it all will not be possible so we are getting prices on everything as well.  We will see how much I end up doing.

...Easter Fun...
  I don't do as much holiday decorating as I did when the girls were at home.  Little grandson is here 3 days a week and he needs something magical so I usually create a few fun vignettes.

This table and bench are in our den
Instead of spreading out the decorations,
I decided to use all of the new things together.

I still love the old white platters
inside the washstand mirror frame

I found this huge white lamb on a trading site in Birmingham 
and was lucky enough to get it.  I didn't even have to travel 
the 1 1/2 hour drive to B'ham - turns out the woman's daughter 
is a student at Auburn and was passing within 15
 minutes of my house on her way back to campus.  
We were able to meet up-it was even bigger than I thought!

I also had the opportunity to go to a local gift boutique/florist that will be closing in May. The lovely owner had purchased many pieces of my painted furniture to use in her store when she opened. She asked me to come over and help her price the pieces to sale and I ended up shopping for hours!!!  Things were already reduced so I took advantage of it.  I got the dressed rabbit couple, the three green birds, and the little birds nests from her. 

Cute Mr. and Mrs. Bunny

Green birds and twig bird nests

I adore their little burlap clothes

  I got the floral arrangement with Easter eggs for
 half price from another local store after Easter last year. 
The pastel colored lights are from Candylights. 

  I have my two amazing Luminara candles in the white candle holders.
 I love these candles!!!  I want more and more! Lots more!

Thanks for joining me! 
Have a great week.

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November 17, 2014

Thanksgiving @ Blue Creek Home Part II

It is a rainy Monday morning here and it's the Thanksgiving season - so I am thankful!  I have nowhere to be so I am having coffee and listening to Christmas Carols as I share more of the Thanksgiving decorations in our breakfast room.  I posted part 1 earlier this week - here it is if you missed it.

 This is the traffic entrance from our foyer 

I made the pumpkins from vintage chenille
 and old crochet pieces

On the tabletop is an old set of
 corncob girls and their canoe 
and also an Indian couple
-Love my new artwork of the birds-
The breakfast room table is ready for the 
Thanksgiving meal with family and
a special neighbor

The base of the centerpiece is a little twig chair 
with a pheasant hide tucked underneath

  I've had this table topper for years 
I love the embroidered pumpkins,
leaves, and turkeys
I love this old set of china
 Little mini pumpkins fill in around a muslin, 
burlap, and twine pumpkin I made last year

Al made this sweet pottery pumpkin 
that takes center stage on the breakfront
Thanksgiving is only ten days away. Let's count our blessings as we await her arrival.

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November 10, 2014

Thanksgiving at Blue Creek Home Part One

Hi and happy Monday!
It was easy for me to segue from Fall decorations into Halloween decorations and then into Thanksgiving decorations on November  1st. The fall garlands and pumpkins were all there - just had to change out ghosts and goblins for turkeys, Pilgrims and Indians.
Al loves Thanksgiving so I try to make it special around here.  My heart wants to start hanging Christmas wreaths and pulling out nativities, nutcrackers, and Santa Claus but, I will wait and give Thanksgiving it's due.  After all, I have an awfully lot to be thankful for.
We will put the tree(s) up the week before Thanksgiving so there will be sharing of the two holidays for a while. Also, I must put up the vintage silver tree in our bedroom soon. I adore it and I enjoy hanging the old mercury glass ornaments on it. 
Today is dedicated to Thanksgiving.  I am doing it in two parts - today is the den.  I will share the breakfast room in a couple of days. 

 I am very thankful for Blue Creek Home
I adore my Thanksgiving carolers
I think they are singing 'thanks' to our
 Father who is the giver of all good things!

 I used a straw pumpkin in 
the large cloche in the center

He is hiding, but the turkey on the left 
is very old - love him!

 Burlap and Fall leaves are draped 
across the top of this book case
 I got the huge lantern for Christmas last year.

 I would love to make a pilgrims
bonnet for my pretty girl
 For now she is still a princess!

 I just got the spiral topiary  a
couple of weeks ago when
 we were in Orange Beach

 I think old leather books and
 vintage tins add beauty anywhere

On the coffee table, I stacked pumpkins.
 Don't you love the white ones?

 These came from Wal-Mart for $4.99

  I removed the cloches from their bases
on each end of the mantle and
added these tall wheat bundles 

 I brought in the wonderfully rusted
wrought iron planter and set it on the hearth
I will fill it with live magnolia leaves 
a little closer to Christmas

 I got the set of blue mercury glass 
candle holders from Wisteria - 
I like the pop of non traditional color
I painted the little pumpkins with
Annie Sloan's duck egg and off white paint

Sneak Peak of Breakfast Room

I will be back soon with more pictures of
 Thanksgiving @ BCH

Have a great week!

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November 3, 2014

2nd Crop Sisters @ City Farmhouse Pop Show

The City Farmhouse Pop Up Tent Show is over and my sister and I have finally caught our breath!  We worked way too hard before, during, and after to make it happen - but happen it did and it was a successful show for us.  I realize that successful means different things to different people.  When you actually put a pencil to it, a phrase one of my bible study teachers used , I'm not sure how much actual profit we made.  We were impressed at how much  we sold by the end of the show, but one has to deduct the price of the space, power, 3 nights in a hotel, gas for 3 cars, paying our wonderful assistant, Alex (my daughter), food, and finally what we paid for the items we sold there.  We definitely have some cash in our pockets from the show and we learned a lot about tent shows - it was our first!  It was so like us to bite off a big show first!  Now, we are totally prepared to move on to smaller shows!  It was obvious that it took a lot of hard work to produce a show of this size.
We were disappointed that we didn't sell more of our larger items, but the good thing about that is we had them in our booth at Emma Kate's Cottage  5 hours away by  midnight on Saturday night! We won't have to worry about stocking our booth for a little while.   
I will say the three of us had fun, acted silly, had nervous breakdowns, and got lost more times than you can imagine. A big shout out goes to Ruth Barnes who was assisting Kim and David.  She reached through the window and hugged me when we pulled up and she stopped by our booth often to check on us.  She is a lovely lady, inside and out, and I am glad I got to meet her.
Another thing I want to mention is how incredibly friendly all of the shoppers were. We met Victoria Jackson from Saturday Night Live and she bought a string of pearls and a mirror from us.  I found out she went to Auburn for a year (War Eagle) and was chosen to act in a Birmingham playhouse where she got her start!   I cannot believe I didn't bet a photograph!  I guess I was star struck!
Oh, the entertainment was wonderful, and the mansion's Folk and Folly decorations were scary and beautifully amazing! Oh,  how could I not mention that Nina Hartmann and Matthew Mead  were signing their books a mere rocks throw from our tent !!!
 We were  thrilled to see that Meranda Devan had posted one of our booth photos on the beautiful facebook page, 

 Here are some shots of our booth
 View From Outside 
These gorgeous French chairs and the dark French 
desk (pictured below) moved into a lovely home
in the area.   Thanks, Lisa McInturff !

Left Wall
I sold two French boudoir dolls but 
only one of the pretty French trinket boxes

Back Left Corner

Our Pretty  Back Wall 

I Loved our French Wall 
We sold the blackamoors, cloches,
 both mirrors, and the alabaster urns

 Most of the Cream Heads Sold

This side of the tent was pretty Frenchy too!

  I Had Fun Making These Heads Using Old Quilt Tops

And, of Course I Had a Few of My Crowns There

My Sister's Embellished Denim Jackets Were a Huge Hit!
They are so pretty - she spends so much time on each one

 Our Vintage Clothes Were Very Popular

My Sister Took a Ton of  Old White Ironstone 
and it Sold Steadily on Both Days 

Now that November is here,  I have taken down the Halloween decorations and have we are totally dressed  for Thanksgiving.
I know a lot of folks skip right to decking their halls for Christmas and I would love to do that, but my husband's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  Since we have so much to be thankful for, I like to give Thanksgiving it's due and be respectful of my husband's love for this holiday. Now, that isn't to say that I don't start adding Christmas to the mix about halfway through November so stay tuned!

Hope your week is full of blessings
Be safe!

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October 6, 2014

Junking For City Farmhouse Pop Up Show

I woke up at 6:00 this morning and was at the hospital for some test by 7:30 only to discover that my appointment is tomorrow! Of course I was bummed and mad at myself for not checking my calendar!  I would blame the confusion on old age, but in all fairness, the appointment had been changed twice and then  two separate tests were changed to the same day!  I get to do the early bird thing all over again tomorrow!
Not wanting the whole day to be a waste, I spent two hours in Target waiting for my favorite junk shops to open. I spent two more hours there making some good discoveries!
 Here are some of my finds
 I love white ironstone
I found this large antique platter and a lovely covered casserole dish

The chippy green paint on this horse hair brush is wonderful!
I think it may be a bench brush???

 I almost didn't pick up the platter because it looked so new and white.
I'm glad I did.  It's a T & R Boote - 16"x 12 1/2"
  I am astonished that this platter is in such good condition - it's really old!

 Two Ball jars with zinc lids,  Meakin ironstone cream pitcher,
old cutting board,  vintage Christmas bulbs,
and a metal something or other!

 The bulbs are the small screw it type
Love the bubble  lights

This is a small tureen - without it's spoon   : (
The frames are incredible. 
The paintings by Kelly - not so much!

 This is why I bought them!  It may be hard to part with these lovelies!

I hope y'all find some goodies this week.

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