July 11, 2014

Making Crowns

I love crowns - I love using crowns in design - and lately I love making crowns.
I have been busy as a bee making and storing them up like a squirrel with her nuts getting ready for the  City Farmhouse Pop Up Show on October 17th and 18th. Since I do have a 'thing' for crowns, this has been very enjoyable for me. I love being surrounded by boxes of old jewelry and the other supplies as I let my imagination run wild!


I will soon  be adding some crowns to
 my Etsy shop, Blue Creek Home 

2nd Crop Sisters
I am so excited that 2nd Crop Sisters is

 featured over at Coastal Charm on Shop Talk.

If you are visiting from Coastal Charm, I am very happy to have you.

I would love to have you follow Blue Creek Home while you're here.
I will visit your blog and follow as well. 

May 12, 2014

Mannequin Heads

You all know by now that I love little sewing projects.  I grew up at my mom's feet while she was sewing.   I am pretty sure I was a nuisance, but I never recall being sent away or scolded. Then sister # 4 (my business partner at 2nd Crop Sisters) started sewing and I remember wanting to join in so badly.  It took a year of  9th grade home economics for me to understand the concept but after that,  I too, got to sit at the old Brother sewing machine and start creating things just like my mom and sister. 

I won't mention that I stitched the middle front seam to the middle back seam during my attempt to make pants!  They would have been perfect if only my legs attached directly to my waistline!

So....Lately, I am busy making these little mannequin heads.  It is so much fun to shop for unique bases for them and creating each of their 'costumes' reminds me of playing with my Barbie dolls when I was young. 

I have listed a few of them in my Etsy Shop - Burlapidated


I hope that each of you moms had a blessed and happy Mother's Day.  I certainly did.
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April 28, 2014

Belgian 1920's Wardrobe

I found this incredible Belgian wardrobe on Craigslit.
She is a beauty!

I thought she would be great for the 
City Farmhouse Pop up Tent Show in Oct.
but in a 10 x 10 booth she would take up a lot of space.
Rethinking it
hmmm....it would look great at Blue Creek Home!

Should we get the wardrobe's little sister?

Tempting! She's a cute thing too.

We will take two of these love gilt French chairs
Recover or not to recover?
That is the question.

 (photo courtesy of Coastal Charm)

  Watch this video from last year:

2nd Crop Sisters is going to be there.
By the way, that's me and sister #4, Jan.
We are already making so many plans and
buying good junk to take with us.
Oh yea, Linda from Coastal Charm will be there too.
Hope our booths are close together - 
I always have fun with Linda!

Hope to see y'all there! 

Nifty Thrifty Tuesday @ Coastal Charm

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter - He is Risen

May you all have a very happy and blessed Easter Sunday

April 18, 2014

Exciting News

Sister # 4, Jan,  and I are so excited!  Together, we own  "2nd Crop Sisters" which is located at Emma Kate's Cottage in Attalla, AL.  You may already know that bit of information.  What you don't know is that 2nd Crop Sisters is going to be at the City Farmhouse Pop-Up Show on October 17th and 18th, 2014 in Franklin, TN.  We are already hard at work painting, sewing, soldering, and most fun of all, junking for this fun event!
Linda from Coastal Charm will be there, too.  We always have fun when we are together!
Also, I can't believe that I will get to meet Nina Harmann!  WOW! And, Matthew Mead , too!
Just a lot to take in right now.  
Yes, we changed our name from Sisters to 2nd Crop Sisters.  There are a whole lot of businesses named Sisters and admittedly it wasn't very original.  So, we decided on 2nd Crop Sisters.
Here is the story if you are interested:
Our father and mother had six children.  The first four were born in a clump in a ten year span. They thought their family was complete.  Surprise - eight years later sister #4 (Jan) was born and SUPER surprise - two years after that, here comes ME!!!!  Dad referred to Jan and me as their second crop of children! It took us a while to understand the term but we really were their 2nd crop kids!
So, that why Sisters became 2nd Crop Sisters.  
We would love if you would take a minute to visit and like 2nd Crop Sisters on facebook.  We will be keeping up with things there and I am going to try my best to keep Blue Creek Home updated also.
Like City Farmhouse, too.  They will definitely be keeping up with information about the show and they have an incredible store in Franklin, Tennessee.  There is always something exciting going on there. The inventory at City Farmhouse is to die for!
In the next day or two, I will share the first big item we have found for our City Farmhouse Pop-Up Show booth.  It really is going to be hard not to nail this beauty to my floor!