March 17, 2019

Two Weddings & A Farm Table

It's Been a Little While

Absolutely, mind blowing that my last post was 3 1/2 years ago. 
Times flies when you get busy with stuff.  Both of our daughters were married in 2017, we got another sweet grandchild and a step grandchild.  I had 6 months of health issues. And, just life happened. Ya'll know exactly what I'm talking about. 
I don't know if I will post monthly, weekly, daily (ha, don't see that happening!) but I am going 
to make it less than 3.5 years!  

So, let's see. What have I been up to besides all of the things that I mentioned already?  Still crafting and sewing and creating at Blue Creek Home - always, will as long as I can hold a paint brush and glue gun!

G-Man and I have a large, double booth and two single booths at Angels Antiques and Flea Mall in Opelika, AL. We are having fun but working very hard.  He goes to auctions and I junk locally and watch the close larger city ads for furniture and other good junk!  He started making farmhouse tables and benches a little over a year ago (never made anything besides a little box in middle school shop class) before this.  He watched a lot of You tube videos, played in the every growing sweat shop (aka our garage!) and spent the day with my brother, a gifted carpenter, who shared with him his own  design for the benches. I am proud of G-Man and very happy to say that we cannot keep farmhouse table sets on the floor.  To date we have sold over 20 sets! 

 Farm Tables

G-Man built a new apron and attached legs to this
this incredible table top - formerly an old table in a 
Sunday School Class

and here is one of his original farm tables & benches
Ha! no idea when I made the line on the photo!

I paint all of the furniture that we get except for the rare piece that even I won't touch with a paint brush. Everyone who flips furniture knows it is hard hard work. BUT, it is one of those things that is so exciting - you get to see the payoff for your blood, sweat and tears in a fairly short time. 

I talked about the two weddings we had in 2017.  Two daughters-two weddings-less than 2 months apart!  It was grueling but they both were beautiful - a backyard wedding and a farmhouse wedding.
I will post just a few photos of the weddings here and not try to play mad catch up all at once.

Alex and Travis- Mitchell's Alabama  Lawn Wedding 

oldest daughter, Alexandra

found the dress

I arranged all of her flowers

beautiful backyard venue
an walking Alex down the aisle

Me...crying my eyes out! 
Daughter Caroline hanging on to me and
her finance, Matt

beautifully blended family 

grandson Mason and daughter Caroline
at the reception

the happy couple
first son in law - Travis Mitchell


Caroline and Matt - Cain's Tennessee Barn Wedding

found the dress

the venue

grandson Mason escorting me
and I'm escorting granddaughter Lyla
because this little flower girl wouldn't go 
down the aisle alone!!!

G-Man walking Caroline down the aisle

the reception

 the goats were a huge hit with the kids!

the happy couple
son in law #2 Matt Cain

So, this is just a tiny bit of what has been going on in my life! 
We were very blessed to get two fine Christian men for our 
sons in law.  We also got a sweet granddaughter as well.
I will be back!


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