May 6, 2013

Quiet Time and Pinterest

Hi all!  I am sitting here this morning enjoying the chilly temperatures, but wishing the sun would come out to make it a perfect day in the South.
I am alone and the house is so wonderfully quiet - not that I don't like the vroom vroom sounds that Mason makes as he rolls his many dump trucks and construction vehicles through my legs and all around my feet!
Actually, it's not exactly quiet. I can hear HGTV playing in the other room.  It's usually Barney or Mickey Mouse.  Who knew that I would have a second relationship with cartoons.  I thought toy and story book days were in my past when both of my girls outgrew such things.  I am surprised that I am tolerating the big purple dinosaur as well as I am!!!
And, all of that to say...Life with Mason here hasn't been without growing pains, but what a blessing to have been such a big part of his first years of life. We have grown together. He has taught me as much as I have taught him.
Alex will start her last year of the three year nursing program this month and Mr. Mason will be attending a day school three days a week which will free up a lot of time for me this summer.
In a blink all of the hard work will be finished and they will move out on their own and my house will be really quiet...maybe too quiet.
So for now, bring on the bud'n sounds , screeching sirens and cries for cookies right before dinner and I will realize that this won't be 'forever' and when it's gone I will most likely long for it again.

Pinterest is holding me hostage during this quiet time.  With summer just around the corner,  I am checking out picnics and outdoor dining rooms. 

Here are some of my favorite finds:

A canopy of still my heart!

Gorgeous outdoor dining 
What's not to love about this setting

vignette design: Alfresco Dining Ideas 
Love the rock work and grassy path 

i would love to make inside look this green 
More Wisteria and nice brickwork
Love the table and chairs

If the sun is shining maybe an Easter picnic? Sounds good. 
How fun to picnic here

I like these very involved types of picnics. They feel very Anne of Avonlea to me, when she takes her students on a picnic. 
Now this is one fancy picnic!

I feel a nap coming on!

Architectural Digest - wonderful intimate outside dining room - love it! 
Love this cozy setting

I have some errands to run and the day is getting away from me!! Pinterest can be trouble when you have a schedule to keep!  
I hope your week brings happiness, blessings, and a little free time to lose yourself in Pinerest!!!

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  1. Gorgeous images, love Wisteria. Glad you enjoyed your quiet time!



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