October 15, 2013


Hello blogger friends.
 I have had some health issues and decided to run away for a while! I missed you! 
 Btw…don’t ever get salmonella! I was down for a couple of weeks!

 I tried to keep up with a few of you on face book. It is definitely easier to post on f.b. but you just never go into details there like you can here. And, I am a detailed kind of girl!

Today will be an quick update on some things at Blue Creek Home.

First, our Mason is getting so big. He is now attending a wonderful Christian preschool. They have so many activities. He is genuinely excited to go and that sure makes Mimma feel good about it. He goes five days a week so that has definitely opened up my days - another reason to get back to blogging!

He is a real cutie!  That is his first school picture
and that's him being totally crazy with Mimma!
I love him so much!
Okay, I said this post would be quick!  After struggling with getting Mason's photos on here, I remember another reason I started to get lazy about posting.  Windows 8 came on my new computer and using Internet Explorer (sure miss Firefox) and for some reason I can't get new photos to upload to Picasa Web Album so I can post them here.
Frustrated, but I will be back after trouble shooting the problem...ugh, computers!! It can't possibly be me!!!  :  )



  1. good to "see" you rhonda! so sorry to hear about your health problems...i've had quite a few myself since february but hopefully on the mend. your mason is a doll and it's scary how quickly they grow up! my daughter;s twins are 9!!!!

    hope you can get back to blogging and i can keep up with you.

  2. Happy to hear that Mason is getting to go to school...I know he is lovin' it. Sorry to hear that you have been so sick Rhonda. Girl, you just keep making those pretty flowers. By the way...my card was beautiful! We will be going to the game next week on our way home from the Country Living show...are y'all going?


  3. Good for Mason with school, he sure looks happy! Sorry to hear that you have been sick. My heart goes out to you.



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