January 21, 2013

Letting Go of My Gilt!!!

Today, I am letting go of some of my gold gilt/ Italian tole/ormolu  - whatever you want to call it, collection.  I love the look but I never really found a way to incorporate the pieces into my decor. If I had a formal living room and a girly girl bathroom I would definitely be using these items, but I don't .  So, this morning I got busy photographing them out in the sunny courtyard and getting them listed in my Etsy shop.
I still have a few pieces that I can't bear to sell yet, but I am trying to be more realistic about some of the mini hoard I have accumulated around here. So, who knows, it all may be for sell next week!  G-Man hopes so!

-Had this longer than the other items
I used it several years ago before I
 de-formalized things here at BCH

 Looking very chic together in a silver tray

 I love these guys!!

 and this is the sweetest thing ever!

 This has been hanging out on my tub surround for ages

 Little trinket boxes mix nicely with all kinds of decor

I did use these for a while - piled
 with real seashells in a wire vessel
 one Christmas I used them with other golds

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Happy week to everyone


  1. wow Rhonda, these pieces are absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Beautiful Rhonda, I adore your very first piece the sconce, gorgeous!!

    2013 Artists Series


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