January 15, 2013

I've Got The Blues

Blue was my favorite color when I was young. I never wanted girly pinks, sunny yellows, or bright reds- just give me something blue and I was a happy little girl.
My mother was a talented seamstress and made clothes for me and sister # 4, Jan, also my partner in antique booth 'crime'! Mom would choose the same fabric for our dresses that was offered in different colorways and mine was ALWAYS blue!  Jan would shake it up occasionally, but I stuck with my favorite color.
I have to admit that I tried my best to love warmer colors off and on in my adult life. A good friend hated blue and I adored the way her house was decorated - not a spec of blue in sight.  It was then that I decided that I had had enough of blue and began to phase it out of my life - wardrobe and decor. My new 'warmed up' color palette rooms were pleasing to the eye and I got plenty of compliments, but something didn't feel quite right to me. For years, I shunned blue, even giving away and selling a lot of my blue and white collection - :(
Not long after our Christmas decorations were put away this year, I started back to work on the changes to the great room. One day as I was staring at the great room  (den, kitchen,and breakfast room combined)I was struck hard by the blue stick
Please forgive me beautiful blue. I treated you badly. I want you back!!! I want punches of aqua and jolts of colbalt and pops of azure and some sassy sapphire and tidbits of turqoise in my life.  
Last week, I went on a shopping trip around my house and deep into the basement to see if I could unearth anything blue. I found some drapery panels that I had purchased from an estate sale. That gorgeous blue floral fabric will be my "jumping off" point for adding some blue into our great room.
I hope to achieve the look I am going for with some pillows for the sofa, tablecloth for the breakfast table and the addition of some blue and white pieces. Oh and of course I will have to paint something blue! 
I've been 'blue' shopping a couple of times and I found some great things to get me started.
Now, if I could just find the time to do it!!!

 Inspirational Ideas 

source: Sarah Richardson Design
 Sarah's favorite color is also blue-
Love how she mixes many
 shades of blue in her rooms

source: Design Pardeux
 Good example of mixing blues

 source: Better Decorating Bible 

 Want to see my fabric?

 Does anyone know the name of this pattern?

I dug a little deeper and found
the vintage fabric on the right
I like them together!

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  1. Wowee...that is some purdy fabric!! :)
    I can tell already your room is going to look fab!

  2. Rhonda,
    That fabric is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Looking forward to seeing what all you do with the color blue.


  3. those are all beautiful fabrics you found...lucky you! i know your room will be gorgeous, i love blue too (hey, that rhymes!) but alas, don't have much of it. however, i do have boxed up and saved for my daughter lots of blue & white which she plans on using in her kitchen one of these days.

    hope your e-mail situation got fixed...that's a bummer (does anyone say that anymore)?

  4. Great fabric!! I love blue 2 and all the inspirational ideas. I found a beautiful blue-patterned pillows and I just love them. If you want, take a look at: http://vesna-kreativnostidrugesitnice.blogspot.com/2012/11/men-are-from-mars-and-women-are-from.html
    Have a lovely day!

  5. I love blue and wear it all the time, but don't have any in my decor now....I went crazy with it back in the 90s. I love these rooms and the beautiful blue decor. Very inspiring!!

  6. Rhonda,
    I have a blue and white room in the Fairfield House. I love the contrast of the colors. That fabric is gorgeous! It would make beautiful drapery panels.
    Embrace your inner blues and have fun!
    Your Friend,

  7. LOVE that fabric! BOTH of them!! It will look GREAT! BTW I bought a black lamp with a red shade in a GREAT booth in a little antique mall I adore by the name of Emma Kates....have any idea who put that lamp there...just for me? :)\

    Have a great day!

    Lou Cinda :)

  8. I love blues too! Blues make me so happy. The fabric is gorgeous and even better that it was a basement find.

  9. What beautiful treasures hidden away in the basement! You must be so happy because of the vintage fabrics! Following you now :)

  10. You have good taste, I also have a case of the blues, I'm drawn to anything blue and white, just wrote a blog about it, not published yet. Your fabrics are very pretty. We are your newest members, would love for you to join us at The
    French Hen's Nest. Found you through Savy Southern Style.

  11. hi! love this story - and your fabric, but i have no idea whose it is!!! so sorry!!!! wish i could help. i know you are dying to know, too!!


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