January 13, 2013

I've Been Hacked!!!

I discovered that my email account was hacked tonight and I am afraid some of you guys got an email from my address - subject line is about hazelnuts - it leads to a weight loss site.
I have changed my password and I am checking to see if any other accounts are involved.
So, if you get a hazelnut email from me, I wouldn't open it.  These emails were all sent around 9:00 on Saturday night.  


  1. i did get one rhonda but i've been getting lots of "strange" e-mails lately....they look like from people on my contact list but when i click on it there's a link to who knows what...i just deleted "your" e-mail as i knew it wasn't really from you. what i do when i'm hacked is just change my password on my e-mail account...that should help some.

  2. I have been getting a lot of weird emails lately, too, from people on my contact list. I wish these hackers would get a life! xo Diana

  3. The same exact thing happened to me...emails were going to my blogger friends from a weight loss place. I changed my password and I hope that works.



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