August 5, 2012

Weekend At Emma Kate’s Cottage

I had such a fun weekend.  After working hard all last week getting things ready for our booth at Emma Kate’s Cottage in Attalla, AL.,  I headed to my sisters house on Friday afternoon . We spent a couple of hours in our booth getting it restocked and fluffed for First Saturday Night!!
We stayed up way too late Friday night as usual, but we still managed to be up and off to make some good yard sales.  We were only 10 minutes from the Alabama end of the Longest Yard Sale!!! And, would you believe we did not go!!!  It was tempting, but it was so hot and humid that we decided against getting caught up in the traffic and crowds. 
We headed up Sand Mountain and stayed the whole day.  We hit some retail stores with good sales and went to a flea market and a couple of thrift stores.  My SUV was loaded down when we returned to Jan’s house.  My favorite find was a beautiful French chest on chest.  I can’t wait to give her the ASCP treatment.
Before making the two hour trek back to Blue Creek Home , Jan and I made one last stop at our booth at Emma Kate’s Cottage.  In preparation for First Saturday night, the streets were blocked off and a crew was hard at work on the sound stage.  Food vendors were up and going and a small  crowd was already strolling the streets through “Antique Alley”.  At Emma Kate’s,  we visited with Theresa, the owner, the other vendors, and early shoppers. Jan is quite the salesperson.  We had made a few sales before we left.
I arrived home around 9:00 and was spent!  After loving on little Mason, I took a shower and fell into bed.  Before falling asleep, I thought of the time I had spent with my sister and thanked God for the love of my wonderful family and the success that we have had at Emma Kate’s in the two months that we have been there.
We will be getting a half booth soon, as we are about to burst out of our space!! And, we have finally decided on a name. . .
~ Relics ~
@ Emma Kate’s Cottage

Lots of vintage pieces in the big English style china cabinet


I will never tire of the French girl reading
I remember this hanging in sister Jacks
house when I was young

I let Jana do the final display touch ups
She has a very special touch

Jana makes the most incredible handmade pillowcases
She only uses the best fabrics and trims – and it definitely shows

This little white stool sold quickly

We have things packed in

Vintage baby linens from last weeks estate sale
cleaned up beautifully for our booth

In the foreground,  a couple of small furniture
pieces  show off their ASCP finishes
Jan filled the old iron bakers rack
with our lovely French style things
Primitives and shabby things rest on the floor below the rack
A natural pine box holds seashell and iron accessories while
French, gilded wall sconces rest on a flame stich wing chair
A mix of vintage jewelry and hand made tags are
spread on a table in front for easy shopping
Thanks for taking the tour of Relics. If any of you ever pass through Attalla, AL, please stop by and see us.
Have a great week, y’all!
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  1. Rhonda,
    You two, have really filled your space up with some beautiful items. Love that stool...sweet baby clothes and those pretty pillowcases. So happy to hear that it is going so good for y'all.


  2. Hi Rhonda, everything looks so beautiful. I would love to shop there... wished I lived closer. Sounds like you and your sister had a wonderful time. My friend and I spent Saturday going to an estate sale and to a few antique store it was so much fun. Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  3. Beeeeautiful! Really, really beautiful! I love your booth. Wish I was there so I could enjoy it in person. Good luck!

  4. I love the name Relics- I think it is just perfect. You have so much stuff! Hard to believe all the beautiful items you have amassed and have for sale. You are right about those pillowcases- they are wonderful!!! xo Diana

  5. This is stunning!! You have so much lovelies I don't know where to begin! If I had access to these, I'd be buying most of it, specially the pillowcases! Enjoy your week.

  6. Love the name! Wow, what a treasure trove of beautiful pieces you have. I love it all, especially those gorgeous hand made pillow cases, the hand made tags, frames, and lamps. Thanks so much for taking us on the tour.

  7. Your booth is lovely....don't you just love fluffing? We love it ~ it's the whole-store rearranging we leave a big *sigh* about...not that we don't like it...we just know it is such a project ~ lol!! Love all of those linens :) that's our weakness! Hope you sell out this weekend!

  8. wow, what a gorgeous space, I see a hundred things I'd love to take home!! sounds like you're having so much fun!!

  9. Love your space Rhonda! I wish I still had mine. Thanx for coming to the party!! Looks like it is finally picking up some momentum!:)

  10. How lovely! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  11. After years in Florida we've moved home to Opp,Alabama and I'm having so much fun antiquing. I love French design, and surprisingly I've even found some of that, or pieces I can combine. I'm having fun writing my blog and meeting new friends.


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