July 30, 2012

Willow Ware Galore!!!

I had the pleasure of spending three days with two of my sisters  ( # 3 Jackie and # 4 Jana) last week.  We stayed up late talking and got up early to go junking.
It was unbearably H-O-T while we were out playing and we are not school aged girls.  We really stretched ourselves to the limit, but we survived and had my SUV packed full every day!

~   This is my deal of the week  ~
I am closing one of my booths at Old Bank Antiques
I had a box of things that I didn’t really want to bring home
I ended up swapping my box plus $10.00 for two boxes of
old blue and white Willow Ware

103 pieces of beautiful Willow Ware in all
Unfortunately 2 pieces were broken
4 others had small chips or flea bites

I love these coffee cups

One box had this large fork and spoon

These cups stack on each other  - convenient huh?

You can’t believe how dirty they were - must have spent some time in the barn!
I spent an hour hand washing them and they cleaned up very nicely!

Grabbed a box of mixed silver plate

This sweet vintage Story Book doll stole my heart
so she came home with me, too

Have a great week and
join me at these parties:


  1. What a gorgeous set, Rhonda! I love that doll, too!

  2. Wow- Rhonda- WHAT a great deal. I love all your Willow ware and silver plate. That little storybook doll is adorable. I had two or three of them when I was a kid- xo Diana

  3. You will get many a good use out of that many Blue Willow Pieces. I got about fifty pieces from a lovely elderly couple at a garage sale. They wrapped the china for me and he carried it to my Jeep and all for $10.00.

  4. That's a beautiful set. Wow!

  5. Love your posts! We so like the same type things....Need to see you soon so we can debut my ugly duckling that is now a swan. I love it more every day!Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Joan - hope you come back so you can see this. I don't really understand leaving someone a reply here - who ever goes back to look for a reply??? Anyway, I will see the swan soon and check out your new booth.

  6. Hi Rhonda!
    What a fabulous trade!! Lucky you! My Mom always wanted some Blue Willow. She finally got some a few years before she went to be with God. Blue and white was her favorite color combo. Seeing yours makes me smile, and think of her.

    Thanks so much for popping by Timewashed. Those little tags are so much fun to make.

    Hope you have a wonderful week! It's great to meet you!

  7. Rhonda,
    You did really good with all that willow ware and a box full of flatware is always a good thing! I did some pickin' today in your neck of the woods (Auburn), found some wonderful windows and old chippy wood at Angels and a nightstand at Harvest. Mary Claire and I are heading over to Atlanta tomorrow to do some more pickin'. Happy to have you at my party:)


  8. Hi Rhonda, girl you found some great things, love it all.
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  9. Rhonda, sister time is the best! I had the joy of having my sister here last week. We did a little antique shopping several days, and I came home with a box of French faience. ;-) I certainly didn't need it, but it was too good to pass up. ;-) Love Blue Willow. Looks like you got a real bargain.

  10. Wow, what a trade, love them, wish I was bringing them to my house.

  11. What a fabulous find. I love the price.

  12. Oh my! Your blue willow ware is so pretty. I have just begun to collect it. What a good swap you made.

  13. Rhonda,
    You put Monty Hall to shame at making deals! :) The details on the vintage silver plated utensils are gorgeous.
    Glad you had a fun time searching for treasures and making memories with your sisters!
    Your Friend,


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