August 19, 2012

A Kitchen Makeover

This is so like me to write a post and never publish it!!!  I wrote this post about updating our kitchen in late November/2011 and it remained a draft until today.  The only reason I am publishing it now is that I have done some of the work in the kitchen and this will give you an idea of where I was headed before we started work.
Some things haven't been changed and I am not sure that I will at this point.  I am liking the pendants over the island much better with the other changes even though the ones I pictured below are still incredible. Who knows?  I may have to get one of them yet!!!
Another thing that you will notice when I post the after photos is the absence of my lovely black French bar chairs.  Our 2 year old Mason was using them as climbing gear and was getting hurt and hurting them!  So, I moved them out until he is a little older.

We are going to make a few changes in the kitchen here at Blue Creek Home after Christmas.  I love the planning stage, but I am so unsure of what I want.
I thought I would let you guys give me your two cents and any ideas or visions.
           -  Here is the kitchen – 
Kitchen Pics Nov. before makeover 002
 There was a mural over the stove – I painted over it this summer when I painted this large room  - the kitchen is open to the den and the breakfast room
-Still love the paint color so it will stay –
It is called Vintage Linen – totally neural but with a oh – so pale gray cast and it feels really fresh and light

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas - gray cab.
This is how I will do my cabinets against the wall -
I think they will look better with all of the stainless and black glass

I have always liked subway tiles
I thought carrara marble might look nice

This is really pretty, but I’m not sure about the tile

What I really, really want is this :

I am in love with this aged mirror
And, I just aged around 130 sq. ft
of mirror glass for a local restaurant-
So, this shouldn’t be that expensive
since I will be doing the aging myself.

Light Fixture Ideas
Like these

image     image
These are cool

Love love these

Okay, y’all please, please come to my rescue and help me make some decisions.  I really would have your ideas.

It's back to August, 2012 again. It's going to be hard to suggest anything since you don't know exactly what I have done.  I am working on the reveal post now.  Hope to have it up by mid week.  

Be sure to come back later and see it - it involves a LOT of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!! 

Have a great week everyone and if your little ones are going back to school, may God be with them on their journey.



  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done, Rhonda!

  2. Rhonda,
    I had to smile because we must have gone to the same school of blogging. heeheehee
    Your kitchen is beautiful in your before photos. I can't wait to see what it looks like now.
    Your Friend,

  3. Rhonda, I'm eager to see what you've done. This is a great kitchen.


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