August 26, 2012

Kitchen Reveal

Last week, I shared a 9 month old draft about our kitchen update. As promised, I have some "after" photos to share.

Our house is only eight years old so our kitchen wasn't in bad shape - the finish on the cabinets was pretty tired and we never had a real back splash -  so, this isn't a huge reveal - just some fresh updates that needed to be done. I am pleased with the results so far.

Here is a list of things I did:

Main cabinets - center wall cabinets painted  French Linen Chalk Paint (tm)
End cabinets and lower cabinets painted Graphite Chalk Paint (tm)
Island cabinets painted  Old White Chalk Paint (tm)
All cabinets were waxed in Annie Sloan's Wax (clear & dark)
Installed Off White Mini Subway Tile on stove wall
Removed large corbels above the stove
Removed a lot of junky counter stuff
Replaced it with things that really get used
Used vintage decorative items 

There are several more things that I would love to do
but for now...
 here are the kitchen updates

The biggest change is the tile
I love, love, love the subway tile!!!

This is a strange shot, but it shows how each 
end of the wall angels toward the island

The double oven is on the opposite end from the refrigerator
(behind the angled wall with the rabbit painting)

Starting to the right of the refrigerator is the coffee service area
I love the mismatched vintage canisters
They hide the coffee, filters, sugar, etc.

 The angled wall has this vintage style coffee sign

I bought the small metal lamp thinking I would paint it
but I think the gold looks nice
I am using one of G-Man's pottery pieces for a fruit bowl
It is resting on a vintage brass stand 

 Moving to the right - 
the center of this wall has the drop-in gas range
It has a down draft vent so the
 drop mantel is a display area
 I played with the mantel area for days before I was satisfied
 I used a small vintage ice cream freezer-
two old blue Mason jars in a wood/wicker wine holder-
 a faux pear, bird nest with blue eggs - a vintage scale
In the back I rested an old galvanized box on its side-
which by the way, my talented b-i-l made years ago


Kitchen Pics Nov. before makeover 002
Oh yeah, please notice the large corbels 
above the stove are now GONE...
What took me so long??

Farther right
Stored in a double, black wire wine holder,
 cooking utensils are in easy reach of the stove

I had some funky old things in that wine holder
I replaced most of them with new black/stainless utensils
I couldn't bring myself to throw some of them out -
Hey, Some of them have been with me for 30+ years!!

I found the three tiered chrome shelf at a thrift store 
for $5.00 and it is perfect for  fresh veggies
(far right corner)
I am pretty sure you have noticed the restaurant-
style, crate full of glass ware by now
The jury is still out on this
but I think I like it!!!

 The wire crate is vintage - it got a good scrubbing 
and sprayed with clear coat
I cut a reed place mat to fit the bottom
before I filled with our most used glass ware

Moving up to the wall cabinets
I had planned to repaint the interior of the
glass front cabinets on either side of the stove
but,  decided to keep the barn red for now
My white vintage dishes show up nicely

-Double oven on the other end of these cabinets-
I  like how the stainless and black appliances 
look with the new Graphite Chalk Paint

Love having my mom's rolling pin 
displayed in my kitchen
She rolled out the best biscuits in the South!!!

I started to feel like the subway tile wall looked too plain

I propped the rabbit painting up to 
see if art might be the answer
  I don't think an oil painting above a stove is a good idea

I hung a larger framed print of vintage kitchen tins
and I think it looks great
I originally wanted an antique kitchen-y sign
until I started pricing them!!! 

Honestly, I think it's nice to have a place for your eyes to rest
There is a lot going on around this area
For now, she will remain unadorned!
Any thoughts???

Across from these cabinets is a 9 foot island containing the sink and dishwasher.  These cabinets were originally stained. I painted them with Old White Chalk Paint.  The kitchen side of the cabinets are completely finished, but I still have to add more dark wax to the other side. It is really in the den (open concept with kitchen, den, and breakfast room all together)  The island does not have overhead cabinets, but it does have ceiling-to-floor columns on each end.

This is a few shots of the columns

The left end on the kitchen side above the dishwasher
I had the d.w. raised to save my back
so the counter top doesn't drop down 
from the eating bar on this end

 I used old books in shades of red
to tie in the color inside the glass front cabinets

 The galvanized bucket is from Tuesday Morning
Above the books, I have an old photograph of 
my paternal grandparents - 
William Harrison and Amanda Adeline Galloway

I found this cute old vanilla flavor thermometer/sign 
at a local thrift store for only $10.00
 * * * * *

The back of this column has an old wooden half post with
several hooks that keep my purse and our car keys handy...
nothing photo worthy!

On the other end of the island
  the counter surface drops 12" on the kitchen side
An inexpensive wooden book rack in 
 Graphite Chalk Paint acts as the mail station

A photo of Mason in an old metal frame 
hangs on the column on this end
I have a triple frame with our family dogs
ready to hang above Mason

You see this side of the column as soon as you enter this room
I am proudly displaying these fun wooden fish 
These are  antique ice fishing lures
They are hand carved and hand painted in a 'folk' design

They all have embedded metal weights in the bottom

They are the cutest things ever!!!
Makes me want to go ice fishing!!!!

I will be sharing a few other things that I have going on in this room as soon as I finish one!  
Thanks for joining me on my kitchen update tour.

Have a great week and to those of us possibly in the path of Isaac...hunker down and pray!!!
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  1. Wow! THAT really looks GREAT, Rhonda! You have done a phenomenal job in there. I LOVE the subway tile and it is never dated. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  2. Oh Rhonda, this is gorgeous, love both those fabulous shades of gray!!!

  3. wow, wow, wow rhonda! this is absolutely gorgeous, i know you are so proud to show it off. i would love to have the nerve to paint my lower cabinets black and leave the uppers white but so far i haven't taken that plunge...your kitchen is such an inspiration.

  4. Rhonda, the word that comes to my mind. Y'all have done one outstanding makeover, love the new tile, display over the stove, and the cabinets look GREAT!!! Thanks for coming by, and yes, lots of praying going on here. We are not planning on leaving with this one, but do have plans to head out Friday a.m. for the BIG GAME (sure hope we get to).


  5. Your kitchen looks beautiful, Rhonda! I'm glad you mentioned the lamp because as I looked at the first picture with it I thought how nicely it fit under that cabinet. : ) Love the way you decorated the hood mantel. Your tile looks great. We don't have any backsplash to speak of either but have plans to get a new countertop in the future. I'll wait until then to deal with a backsplash, but not sure if we will go with tile {like in our old house} or what.

  6. Your kitchen looks so beautiful!! Wow, painting all those cabinets with chalk paint had to take forever! But I'm sure you will enjoy it for years and years to come. It is really wonderful!!

  7. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love the mix of cabinet colours and what a big job that must have been-but so worth it. Love the backsplash too. The accessories are lovely and the fish are the perfect quirky touch.

  8. Hi Rhonda, your kitchen looks gorgeous.
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  9. I absolutely love the changes you've made. It's made it all simpler, but much more distinctive. The colors are beautiful and each one of your details is thoughtful and cohesive. I love the lures...awesome.

  10. Very nice kitchen. Like what you did. I especially like the glass in the cabinets. Great color choices!

  11. Absolutely GORGEOUS Rhonda!!! I love the combo of the french linen and graphite, that first shot made my mouth drop!! The new backsplash looks beautiful and I love the pretty vignette above your stove!

  12. nice work! beautiful subway tiles! great color choices!

  13. Beautiful kitchen. I love all your touches and the crate for glasses is the final unique touch!

  14. Beautiful kitchen, Rhonda! I especially love the mantle and your accessories on top. Very charming!!

  15. gorgeous kitchen! love the subway tile, and the cabinet colors are awesome!

  16. Wow, you did a fabulous job with your kitchen Rhonda! I do love the subway tile, it's so attractive and warm as a back splash in kitcehns. All your details are gorgeous. I love the glass rack, so fun. How do you place a picture in the back splash without drilling a hole?? I'd love you to answer me as I don't do it, so not to drill holes on my granite back splash! Just dropped by from MM. Enjoy your week.

  17. OMG! I didn't know I didn't follow you before!!! Ok, all fixed, I just did and hope you "like" to do the same. Thanks in advance.

  18. Fantastic makeover! I love the subway tile!!! Come on over and share at Gettin' Krafty if you get the chance!

  19. Amazing job! Well done .. I also love sub-way tiles.
    Have a great day,

  20. I left comments on your facebook page about how much I love this! The subway tile looks gorgeous....I love everything! lol And....just wanted you to know that I can't go in Emma Kates without buying something out of your and Jan's is one of my very favorite booths in there! Today? Today it was the bird feeder that I believe your brother made? Love it! The other day it was a little cream platter....some beautiful pillow cases...and I have my eye on that hen lamp! I am trying to figure out where I can put it! lol So thanks a lot!!!

    Lou Cinda ;)

  21. What a gorgeous kitchen! Definitely your newest follower - would love to have you come by and follow back when you have the chance.

  22. Gorgeous!! Love the subway tile and the color of the cabinets. Great job!

  23. Love your kitchen. It's just gorgeous. I prefer the subway tile without anything on it. Or you could put a large silver tray. That is what I have behind my stove and I love it there.

  24. What a huge undertaking. Did you do the painting yourself? I love that chalk paint and wax look. And your mix of black with grey is nice. Love the bubble glass front cabinets. I'm a crazy tile person, so of course I like the subway tiles. And it is a nice place to let the eyes rest a bit. You did a wonderful job and looks like you're having a good time with it.

  25. Oh, my! Your kitchen is gorgeous! I just love it. Love the color you've painted your cabinets and the red inside! :) The subway tiles look great!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. wow! what a great new space you've got here. gorgeous!

  27. Amazing! From the dark grouted subway tile to the cool vintage touches like the glasses stored in that crate and your mom's rolling pin! It all adds up to one beautiful kitchen!
    I have an expanse of tile between my range and my hood - love it like that.

  28. Great metamorphosis! I love all you have done and am amazed. I looked up your profile and found out you are from Dadeville. I live in Enterprise several hours south of you. How nice to meet another blogger from our state. I am also impressed with your technology skills. I am seeing many neat things. I want to learn how to put font on top of a photo like you did. You have been very busy.

  29. Love the cabinet color and the subway tille!

  30. Once again, loving this kitchen makeover! Thanks for linking up to Gettin' Krafty!

  31. What a beautiful kitchen! I do love subway tile and yours looks amazing! I go either way with the framed print. I think I'd live without it for a while though and enjoy that gorgeous marble! I love the shape of your kitchen...those angled walls are awesome! Your entire kitchen is a dream! :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  32. Great choice on the tile and all the finishing touches you put on your kitchen. Looks fantastic!

  33. Your kitchen looks awesome. It looked nice before, but it really pops now. I think the subway tile made a huge difference. Enjoy!

  34. Your kitchen looks fabulous! So nice to see ASCP used on the cabinets. I am going to do my lower black ones over. The black paint is wearing off badly so time to update. Love the subway wall with nothing on it. The tiles are beautiful left alone. This will be one of the features tonight at Wow.

  35. Oooo I'm lovin those linen overheads with the barn red interior!! Nice combination! Looks GREAT!!

  36. OH, your kitchen is just GORGEOUS !! I love the darker and lighter cabinets and the tile. Beautiful!!

  37. this looks downright amazing. I am in love with thought of using ASCP on my own cabinets. Have you heard of anyone else doing this? I'm wondering about the durability factor - i really really have put off painting my kitchen cabinets - but i love this idea. Just awesome.

  38. What a beautiful kitchen! You did an amazing job. Love everything about this! Great job!

    I'm a new follower and would love for you to come check out my blog!

  39. Wow, I love the subway tile - the whole kitchen transformation is amazing!
    Would love if you linked up at our party supporting Habitat for Humanity. You could win up to $150 and have $100 donated to H4H in your name!

  40. The cabinets are great! I love the mix of colors. I agree with others that the tile looks great on its own.


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