April 1, 2012

Some Great Flea Market Stuff

Hi all - Last week was spring break here.  Alex had the week off so I was able to take a much needed, three day trip to visit family in North Alabama.
Sister #4 and I had rented a booth in a new antique shop in her hometown, Attalla, AL.  We planned to visit the building and then go junking to find things to fill up our space.  Well, we ended up looking at the building anyway even though she had received a phone call when I was on my way to her house.  The phone call???  The couple opening the shop were not going forward with their plans as the husband had gotten his job back!  Good news for them – SAD news for us. 
Curiosity got the best of us and we stopped by the old building where the construction crew were still hard at work, not having heard the news.  Thick plaster walls crumbling from an old brick wall – huge, rough vertical beams exposed on one side stretching from the ceiling to the floor – large overhead beams that would have a metal fixture hanging over each booth – character plus I tell you…and POOF- our little booth dream just ended as quickly as it began.
We are hoping that  the owner continues the renovations and someone else steps in with the antique shop plans and we still get the booth.  We were in the back corner across from the check out area!!!!  In the meantime, crossing my fingers, looking for 4 leaf clovers, and still dreaming about the booth that never was!!!  : (
Not ones to stay down, sis and I junked like crazy anyway. After all,  I had to refill my front booth back here at Old Bank Antiques since most of the furniture sold.  She also had a check list of things she wanted.  So, off we went and for two full days, we shopped ‘til we dropped.  Lots of great goodies were found.  She got a set of old McCoy mixing bowls that had just come from an old barn  - dirt and all.  They are so sweet  - the center bowl is pink!!  I can’t believe I didn’t get a pic.
I was successful in finding some good deals on smaller furniture pieces that would fit into my SUV.  On my two hour drive home…

…I felt like the Clampetts on their way to Hollywood!!!
*    *    *    *    *    *
Here  are  some  of  my  finds  from  the  trip
This makeover is already in progress
A great old Henredon table
-can’t wait to work on it
Lots of future bird nests

Love these easels  and old hangers
Lovely vintage twin bedspread
Hope you all have a wonderful week,
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  1. Fun finds, Rhonda. I'm off to Round Top this week looking for treasures.

  2. Rhonda, you got some fabulous stuff! I love the furniture. Is that Coco on the one makeover? Love the nests and easels, too. I love seeing how you get a nice mix for your booth. I know that's important to have, especially since I look at smalls a lot when I go into antique or flea marts.

  3. Wow! You found some great stuff! I love that Henredon table. Makes me want to go out on a hunt for treasures!

  4. Rhonda- You found some really great things there! I love that hutch you are working on AND the sweet table. Can't wait to see both of them done. xo Diana

  5. What a bummer on the antique mall....and kinda tacky! Maybe someone else will go through with it...I hope! I need a list of the places you found all of the fabulous stuff!!! As it was probably in my neck of the woods! Love it all!

    Lou Cinda :)

  6. Love your finds, especially the bedspread.

    barbara jean

  7. Wow, you did good! What wonderful finds.
    Mary Alice

  8. Rhonda,
    Thanks for coming by with your goodies...you sure did get some GREAT ones!!! Sorry to hear about the new booth/no booth ordeal. I was hoping to get to see it in May, when Mary Claire and I hit the Hwy. 11 yard sale. Have you ever been to this yard sale and if so, is it any good?


  9. Great finds. Love everything, especially the little basket pots.

  10. Rhonda,
    I want to take a road trip south this fall to junk! I'll keep you posted. All great finds, but I especially like the old Henredon table. Thanks for the smile -- I remember the Clampetts!
    Happy Spring!

  11. I love the furniture! Sad to hear about your booth but keeping my fingers crossed that it happens!

  12. So sorry to hear that Rhonda. It sounded divine. I must say that you found some awesome things! Hope all is well! Thanx for partying at my place!:)


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