April 5, 2012

Angel Wings

When I was a little bitty thing (a long, loooooooooong time ago! ), there was a story book that I adored.  I don’t remember what the book was called, but I vividly remember the pretty  little girl who was learning the difference between good and evil.  When she was trying to make a choice, a tiny devil would appear on one shoulder and a tiny angel would appear on the other one.   I loved that little angel and I always wanted to do good so I would always have an angel on my shoulder.

Since then, angels have been near and dear to my heart.  I have acquired some lovely angels, mostly Old World cherub types.  I have several great books about angels with the most glorious illustrations. Angels have a calming effect on me.  There have been times when I am certain that angels surrounded me and kept me safe from harm.

Here are a few of my angels

March Boudior Tray of Goodies 033

These little cherubs are two of my favorites-

Purchased over 20 years ago,

they represented my own angels -

browned haired Alex and blonde haired Caroline.

Thrifty finds dec 2011 003

Found these at a junk shop

someone did an incredible paint job on these

Etsy Christmas Cards stuff Nov 2 062

This Italian Christmas angel was a flea market find

I was content with my small angels until…


Pottery Barn introduced these wings in their catalog…




~ Stunning ~

but too large and too costly



In the fall of 2009,

I found a pair of wings that truly made my heart race.


From the blog “Let It Shine”…I found these beautiful handmade wings.

I love how she displayed them.

Alyshia was featured in The Dallas Morning News.

Later, she carved an 8’ pair of wings for a gallery showing.

What a talented young woman!

So  begins  my  hunt  for  large  affordable  wings

It has been 2  1/2 years and I have looked high and low for

something similar at a reasonable price with absolutely no luck…


I always check WUSLU for their deal of the day and

yesterday my heart, once again, started to race!!!



How gorgeous are these?? 

Yep, I have a pair on the way to Blue Creek Home!

Now, I am wracking my brain trying to decide where to put them-

Am I going to gold leaf and age them

Annie Sloan Chalk paint them

So many options!!!

Ideas are welcome.

They still have some and you can order them here.

Oh man, now I am kicking around the idea of

ordering another pair or my booth at Old Bank Antiques!

I have ordered several things from WUSLU and they are great to work with.  One item arrived damaged and they had a replacement here in a couple of days.  Marian of Miss Mustard Seed chooses a ‘pick’ of the month item for them and of course her picks are always great.

It looks like the nasty weather system that wreaked havoc in the DFW area is approaching Alabama today.  Mason and I are going to stay ‘hunkered’ down and play inside – I will actually be thinking about how to display my angel wings!!!   : )

Let me know if you order some and what you plan to do with them.




  1. Rhonda- That is the most reasonable wings I have ever seen. I wish I had a spot for them. They are gorgeous and I can't wait to see yours! xo Diana

  2. I just signed up with them, Rhonda, and saw those wings. When I started reading your post, I was going to tell you about them, but I'm glad you saw them and got them. I ordered a few things from them yesterday {got a special deal as a new sign-up}.

  3. I like the wings also. I have no ideas right now...but I certainly will check back to see what you have done with them. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  4. Rhonda,
    I love the angels wings and I may order them tomorrow. They are GORGEOUS! I have always loved angels and after my daughter went to Heaven two years ago they are extra special to me. I had never heard of WUSLU. Thank you for sharing this wonderful find! I think I know where I could put them ... just love them!

  5. You'll never believe this ... I ordered the same wings from WUSLU (Now Decor Steals) and when they arrived, I got two left wings. So I emailed and explained the problem, not expecting much more than, "Okay, ma'm, you ship back the wrong wing, and then if we have the right wing, and if we got the time, we'll ship it to ya" But I was SO wrong! Their customer service is absolutely AMAZING! They took care of EVERYTHING so fast, so quickly, I couldn't believe it!
    Anyway, I love the set of wings I got (their actually for my friend and she LOVES them too!) I'm wishing I ordered a pair of them for me too. They are definitely a "statement" piece!
    Loving your blog!


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