March 25, 2012

G-Mannequin And My Third Antique Booth

Believe it or not,  I am about to open a third booth!! This one is at 309 Fifth Ave. in downtown Attalla, AL– they refer to this block as Antique Alley- lots of antique shops!! The owners are renovating the building now to open “Uptown Antiques, LLC sometime in April.  Sister # 4 lives there and asked  if I would be interested in sharing a booth and of course, my answer was Yes, Yes, Yes!!!  This is gonna be fun, sista!!!
I have been busy getting things ready for “Uptown Antiques and also rushing to replace the furniture that sold in my front booth at Old Bank Antiques.  I was giddy when the owner called me and said that one customer had bought 5 pieces of furniture (all Annie Sloan Chalk Paint)!!! That almost wiped out my booth.  They didn’t take it with them, so I have another week to finish some things up.
Here is one of the fun(ny) projects I’ve been working on
Etsy Burlap Pillows mar 15 007
See the old mannequin with the towel on his head?
I have two of these –one is at my Old Bank booth
and this guy has resided on Junk Mountain - in the garage for over a year now
He was there for me every time I threw in the towel  ( Ha! I couldn’t help myself!)
I decided it was time to dress him up and take him out

Etsy Burlap Pillows mar 15 059
I put my hoard of cream fabric and burlap to work and made a
Halloween costume stylish new slipcover for him
The strip of webbing is just a little fashion statement

Etsy Burlap Pillows mar 15 080 
I had to make it large to get it over his broad, manly shoulders
I cinched it with ribbon and curtain ring clips to show off  his chiseled waist
 Etsy Burlap Pillows mar 15 060
I wanted to leave his original underwear on
and decided to let the old fabric peek out

Etsy Burlap Pillows mar 15 061
Sewing without a pattern was challenging but lots of fun
*   *   *   *   *
It was only after he was dressed and ready for his photo shoot that…
image image
I  realized I  had  created   Mini  G-Man…
My very own G-Mannequin!
Sister, it looks like we not only have a handsome male model for the new booth, but our very own security guard as well!
What WAS I thinking??? 

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  1. Uh huh, he's quite the looker! Hilarious! Sounds like you're going to be having lots of fun!

  2. Very, very cool! I can't believe you opened another booth! You are one ambitious chick...or crazy!;>) Best of luck-I know you will do well! xo Diana

  3. What a hunk of a man you have there!!! THREE booths...girl you will be crazy busy. Congrats on that selling all that awesome! I'm coming your way next month...we will be staying at the same condo for A-Day weekend...hope we can catch up with each other.


  4. Love him rhonda! I am so excited about your new booth cos I can shop at this one! Is it in the old o'rear building? Can't wait til it opens!!

    Lou cinda

  5. A third booth! You are amazing! I wish you great success and lots of fun. If this guy is any indication, it's going to be a wild ride!!
    Thanks for sharing him with us!

  6. very cool! that mannequin looks night and day different! I know you said you have two of these, but if you are ever looking for another mannequin for another one of your projects, please check us out at




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