April 18, 2011

Thrift Store Beauties and Brunch With A Blog Friend

I am getting ready to go to a party at Coastal Charm tonight.  Linda is the gracious host of the weekly thrift party, Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays.
I have talked to Linda often in the past two year via our blogs and emails.  We found that we had several things in common – Both of our families are huge Auburn fans – we’re both G.R.I.T.S. – we both love the thrill of thrifting – we each have two daughters the same ages -  we are both Believers – Well,  you get it!
I had the pleasure of having Linda and Mr. C. C. right here at Blue Creek Home yesterday for brunch!!  I am surprised they did not turn around and run the minute G-Man opened the door. 
This is just part of the scenario that was happening inside “Dysfunction Junction” when they arrived:
G-Man had just discovered he had lost an important computer document  - 5 hours of work on Sat. had disappeared!  Baring teeth smile
Alex had done all of the food planning and preparation and left her catering post to help her panicked father.
I was still getting ready, and baby Mason was standing in his playpen screaming his head off!  Crying face
Oh yeah,  the four dogs were kenneled but could still be heard through the walls!!!  Dog faceDog faceDog faceDog face
I would have just said, “Okay, these people are nuts Smile with tongue out, I’m outta here!!! 
But, G-Man answered the door and cheerfully invited them in. Open-mouthed smile
I rushed out of the bedroom, grabbed the screaming baby out of the playpen(still in his pj’s) and tried to figure out which of the three buzzers going off on stoves and microwaves should be addressed first!!!  Disappointed smile
I handed unhappy baby to Al – said a quick hello- and got Alex back in the kitchen to check on the food. Plate
I got Mason back from his Papa so I could get him dressed and his diaper had dropped down half way down his sweet little booty pretty much in Mr. C.C and Linda’s faces!!!  Surprised smile
I just kept thinking, This is probably going to make the headlines on a post at Coastal Charm and the title is going to be “Brunch at the House of Crazy”!!!  Disappointed smile
Of course, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. were the perfect guests.  Brunch was served ( great job, Alex!) and we talked like four old friends around the table for a couple of hours.  Smile
I felt as though I knew Linda already. She was even more beautiful and adorable in person.
So, thanks to Linda and Mr. C.C. for an enjoyable first experience at meeting blog friends. 
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Some thrifting days are better than others and I had a great day last week.
Look at these two little beauties!!! Together, they cost less than $10.00! 

I love angels and cherubs

This sweet  vintage compote was marked $8.00, but the gentleman let me have it for $6.00

They are wearing laurel wreaths with flowers on their little heads

I also adore pillows, and…
velvet, and…
aubergine/eggplant, and…
ruffledy fabric flowers

…especially when they are all together!!!

Blurry, but beautiful!

They will both be staying with me at Blue Creek Home.

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  1. Real life is real and real friends know it! Your finds are lovely. Would a cloche fit on the cherubs? ♥O

  2. Hi Rhonda,
    I always appreciate those that keep it real!
    I think it's wonderful that you got to meet Linda and her husband and that you all hit it off so well.

    The cherub stand is so pretty and so is the pillow.


  3. I am totally loving that pillow!! The stand is very pretty too, but that pillow is stunning!! Thanks for sharing the eye candy!!

  4. Great finds, Rhonda! Well, it sounds like everything turned out okay in the end. I'm sure Linda and her hubby enjoyed their visit, too.

  5. Your friends probably felt like they were home! I love your finds! I especially love the velvet pillow!

  6. It's so much fun to meet bloggers in person. It is like the conversation has already been started! Love Linda and her blog. I also love all of your great finds, especially that pillow!!


  7. Hi, found you through Coastal Charm, I'll be back especially for your link party later this week! Pop over sometime.
    kim @ tiarasandbowties.blogspot.com

  8. GREAT finds, Rhonda! Love that little angel pieceand your pillow. I have had many "disaters" entertaining that always seemed to turn out alright. I think as long as you keep a sense of humor about it people don't mind. Well, except for my sister-in-law- she MINDS! xxoo diana

  9. OMG...I live in AL and we are transplants from Louisiana...root for the LSU tigers, but have become Auburn fans too (especially since my son will probably attend Auburn in 2 years!)...Small world...great and funny post! You gotta visit my blog The Cranky Queen...we live in Sylacauga...I am so excited...another bama girl...Tiff

  10. Rhonda,
    Okay now...we need to send you out to HOLLYWOOD...we never knew anything was different at your home...just wait to y'all come to Coastal Charm...your place will look soooo calm. We had an awesome time and don't miss my post about it...coming soon...just need a good title:) Thanks for coming to my party with your thrifty treasures...love that beautiful pillow!


  11. Hi Rhonda, Isn't it fun to meet a blogger friend? It sounds like you had a great time after things settled down. Love your new finds!

  12. What a funny story! Though my days with little ones is long gone, I can so feel your pain and dismay at the state of affairs when your guests arrive. I'm not surprised Linda was lovely and gracious. How wonderful for you that the two of you have met and that you had a nice brunch together. I will stop back Thursday for your link party. Oh, and your compote and pillow are great. I love the cherubs!

  13. Hi Rhonda,
    Great finds! I love the velvet pillow:) ~Have a wonderful day~

  14. Very funny (for us!) story about meeting up with Linda and her husband. Sounds like it all turned out fine. Your thrifting was great! Love what you found. I'm planning to link up to your party Thurs.

  15. Oh that sounds like my house used to be when the kids were still at home, lol. Meeting other bloggers is always fun and since you already know so much about each other, the conversation just flows.

    I wish the two of you lived here, there are five Florida bloggers getting together at the end of the month to attend a vintage flea market that happens twice a year. Then lunch and conversation to round out the day. I've met all but one on numerous occasions and I know we'll have a blast shopping and eating together!

    Yep, blogging get-togethers are such fun, no matter what happens!

  16. When you are making new in-peerson friends they may as well see the real deal early on. It actually makes for better relationships when all does not go as perfectly planned. I hope he was able to recover his document.
    It sounds like the day was a success, and your thrifted items are a good deal too.

  17. Rhonda, that sounds like any other day in any other house to me! lol And I am sure Linda was unfazed! How fun that ya'll got to meet!

    Your finds are wonderful! I love the compote nad that pillow! So beautiful! You had a very good day!

    Lou Cinda

  18. How great that you got to meet up with Linda! Sounds like you guys had a great time. Craziness makes it extra fun! Love the eggplant pillow. Looks very soft. :)

  19. How nice that you were able to meet up with Linda. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I just love that pillow, I'd be hanging on to that beauty too.
    Looking forward to your new party. Linda sent me over.


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