August 11, 2010

Master Bedroom Tour


Since I started blogging fourteen months ago, I have shown bits and pieces of Blue Creek Home and I have posted many BCH snippets.  The only complete rooms I have shared are the guest room, the laundry room,  and our master bathroom.

I am going to start sharing more of our house, starting today!!!  

If you would like to see our master bedroom, come with me.


Welcome To Our Master Bedroom


This is the wall that you see when you enter the room. 

Most of you have seen the bed crown that I made and the bed crown reveal post last week.

This is my side of the bed!


“BCH Original” pillows get  piled on the bed.


I can’t find wall space to hang this vintage…maybe antique tapestry.


Sometimes, I drape it across the bed just so I can enjoy it.


This is G-Man’s bedside table.

The print is a view of old Auburn, AL many years ago.


Maybelle and Bella love to hang out under our high bed.

It takes a 21” drop bed skirt and you don’t find these in stock anywhere,

  so I usually just leave it unskirted.


This is directly across from the headboard wall.

I moved the mannequin to the other side of the dresser after I took this photo.

In real Life…

this is where “Ginger” and “Maryanne” usually have their sleeping kennel!!!


To the left of the dresser I have a vintage architectural piece


and the mannequin that used to be bright green.

She got whitewashed, but a little green is shadowing through.


My mom sewed most of our clothes when we were young.

This is a dress from my early teenage years.


Details of the architectural piece.


The dresser had never been decorated to my liking.

You might remember when I did this makeover to the left of the TV.  It was okay, but it wasn’t quite right.

I changed out the lamp. I think this much taller,  black one looks better.  I couldn’t find a shade that I liked, so I had to do some serious adapting so that the globe would fit.  


I already had everything that I used for the dresserscape.

That isn’t even a word, is it???


I bought this at an art gallery when we were in Jackson.


I love water colors.  I love sailboats.


I had several of these old wire baskets in the laundry room. 

Alex came up with this idea and I really liked it. 

I used little clips from old curtain rings to attach a photo of my grandparents to the front.

Al’s mother is on the right.


I recently bought a handful of lovely dried hydrangeas at the same antique mall where I found my Waterford stems at such a great price.


A photo of my mom is propped on a blue Mason jar inside the basket.


This is William Harrison and Amanda Adeline , my  Pa and Ma Galloway.

I never met Pa, but Ma lived to be in her 90’s.  She was the only grandparent still living when I was a child.  She was one strong woman with so many wonderful stories to share.  I miss her still.


Caroline and I came up with this idea.  I stole this large vintage basket from the laundry room too.  We thought my pillows would be fun piled up in it.

Most of these are for sale at The Shop @ Blue Creek Home.


These double windows have a wonderful view of the lake.

Each afternoon brings great light to the room.

I made the window treatments from quilted fabric that I found at a real bargain.


I found this cute sofa for $40.00 in Ft. Walton Beach last year when I was visiting Alex. 

  The fabric was pristine and there was no odor whatsoever.

The little bench came from a junking trip with sister #4 on our way back from visiting her daughter, Emily, in St. Petersburg.

  The chippy white finish and the old worn velvet are perfect for the room.


I love these large petite point pillows.  They came from TJ Maxx years ago.


I drape my vintage lace pieces here and there until they become pillows.

I used some of it on the front pillow in the basket on the dresser.


I have no idea what the tray used to be, but I have had it a long time. 

It’s content changes often.  Right now it is holding old glass bottles.

The photo doesn’t really show it’s incredible patina.


The needlepoint chair was a great find at a fall “Cash and Carry Sale”

at “AmericasMart” in Atlanta.

It’s a great reading chair.


I have had these orange, French, stacking tables for a long time, too.

They fill in this corner very nicely.


This tall grapevine vase holds greenery, twigs, and more dried hydrangea.

The arrangement adds much needed height to this area.


The columns on opposite walls help visually divide the bedroom from the small sitting area.

I have a wood grain finish on them now.

I am thinking about doing them in a creamy distressed finish.

(You may have noticed that neither base has been done yet…shh)


We are back to square one with a close up of my bedside table…more hydrangea!


I hope you enjoyed the tour around the master bedroom.  I just don’t invite anyone into my bedroom you know!!   Just my best friends!!!   I am glad you came.


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  1. Rhonda, your bedroom is just gorgeous. It is large and every detail is perfect. I love the books and the baskets on the dresser, and all the flowers and pillows are so pretty. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  2. Rhonda,
    How PRETTY! Thanks for taking me on the tour...I really love how you displayed that sweet dress that your mom handmade for you...that is so SPECIAL! That $40 sofa was a super duper deal.


  3. Hi Rhonda! What a beautiful room. It is lovely. You have so many nice little details in there. I love that you have a dress of your own displayed. My mother made most of my clothes too. I think your grandmother was quite a beautiful woman. And...Loving the "dresserscape"...don't you love the way bloggers just make up their own language? Diana

  4. what a gorgeous room!!! love the the basket idea...but I love how cute your little dog looks under the bed, I bet they have fun!

  5. Oh Rhonda, I don't know where to start,except to say that it's all so beautiful!!! You've done an amazing job decorating! I also love the dressform displaying the dress that you wore as a child! I have so many decorating ideals that I want to do in our home but just never seem to have the extra time! Maybe one of these days.
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  6. Rhonda, your bedroom is absolutely gorgeous! I really like the bed crown and am going to save the tutorial. I may copy it when I do my MB. Love all your pillows. My son says to me "Mom, you know you have too many pillows when you have to dump them in your baskets." I don't "dump" them! He is not a fan of decorative pillows and removed the ones I added to his room when I redecorated it. I think they are hidden on the top shelf of his closet! Love the display with the dress your mother made for you. Your table and dresser scapes look great.

    Loved the tour!

    ~ Tracy

  7. Thanks for the tour Rhonda. Its so big! I love your mannequin and the tall pillar is great. So many lovely pieces, like the old photos, that make it special.

  8. Very pretty, Rhonda! I'm so glad you shared your master bedroom with us! Dresserscape ~ why not? I've learned more "new" words here in blogland than I think I have in school! It works in interior decorating, I think, anyway. You can only say "thing", "stuff", or "thingy" so many times! : )

  9. Rhonda, very very pretty! Love love the dressform and the wire basket filled with goodies and the basket filled with pillows is such a good idea.

  10. Hi Rhonda, Such a pretty bedroom. I am so in love with the architectural piece and your vignettes are wonderful! I would love for you to drop by and enter my giveaway.
    Hugs, Sherry

  11. Yay Rhonda! I am so glad you shared this today! Your room is beautiful! I love all of the vignettes you have created...they are all so lovely! The soft colors are so inviting! What a wonderful retreat!


  12. So beautiful! Love the basket full of pillows and I really love what you did with the top of your dresser. I always try to keep ours nice and tidy but I'm loving what you did. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Such a pretty room. I love that huge architectural piece and that tapestry is beautiful. We had a tall poster bed like that before we got our new bed. I took a bed skirt and cut the muslin part off of it and velcroed it to the inside of the frame and then layered another one over that.

  14. Um, "Dresserscape" is too a word. And yours is lovely! I love the wire basket with the books next to it, really fantastic.

    I'm surprised you didn't hang that fabulous tapestry behind your bed under that gorgeous cornice, or was it not big enough?

  15. Stunning bedroom, Rhonda! If mine looked like that, I'd never get out of bed.

    Your Friend,

  16. Rhonda,
    I love your beautiful bedroom! All the lace is so soft and pretty. The perfect getaway.:)

  17. Your bedroom is fantastic. I love your pillow in the basket...and the lace on the bench...all very romantic...

  18. Totally lovely. Totally inexplicably LOVELY! I'm in LOVE with your room.

    There! I said it!


    Love to you~


  19. Beautiful room. I love the tapestry and the settee. You have created a warm and relaxing place. You vignettes are lovely. ~~Sherry~~

  20. Your posts are always full of fabulous and inspiring ideas-thank you!

    Best wishes,

  21. Gorgeous! I could happily lose myself in this room.

  22. Rhonda, thanks for the tour. Looks like a beautiful, relaxing space. I totally agree with the comment above about your dresserscape. :-) Caught my attention right away. Also the pretty pillows in the basket ~ sweet idea.

  23. Rhonda -- Here I am again tonight! Your bedroom is fabulous. Thanks for sharing. I love all your pretty pillows and may copy the tutorial for your bed crown.

  24. Rhonda I love your Willow Creek angels! They are so gorgeous. I have the kitchen angel with her sweet green teapot! Hee Hee! Anne

  25. Well, this is just as gorgeous as your Master Bath! I like every exquisite detail.


  26. Rhonda I don't know how I missed your beautiful bedroom? It's lovely! Just like every other room in your house *winks* Girl I would have wrestled you to the ground for that architectural piece! Lol! It's swoon-O-licious! Vanna


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