August 8, 2010

A Birthday and My Lucky Find For the Week!


Today, our beautiful Alex turns 26 years old!!!  Where on Earth does the time go? 

It feels like yesterday that I was holding her little bitty body in my arms and now she is holding her own little bitty big ole boy in her arms.  She is such a good mom to Mason.  I love watching them together. 

When he sees her,  his eyes light up and he breaks into this big silly grin.  And, those chubby little legs start kicking like crazy.


See what I mean?


Those little cheeks are sweeter than honey!


Her cake had four white layers with chocolate whip cream frosting!



* * * * * * * * * * * *


It’s also time to share the bargains of the week at these parties.

image    image


This week, I found the deal of the century at an antique mall about 12 minutes away from my house.


  My crystal pattern is “Waterford’s Lismore”.


I was short one stem for a dinner party last week and had to use these  glasses.


I saw these six Waterford crystal stems sitting by the check out with no price.  I assumed they were getting packed up for a customer,  but I asked about them anyway. 

They had just come in and hadn’t even been priced.  After wheeling and dealing for a couple of minutes, we came to an agreement.


I got two - 8 oz. goblets and four - 4 oz. claret stems (one has a flea bite on the rim).

These stems currently retail for the ridiculous price of $70.00 each!!!  I know!

That would have totaled a whopping $420.00!

I got the five that were in perfect condition for $100.00 – that is $20.00 a stem!!! 

I talked her into throwing the chipped one in for free. 

It will make a perfect vase for a little bouquet.

(And,  yes, they are clearly marked on the bottom.)

Now, that’s what I call a bargain!   : )



  1. Girl you did good on that purchase! Thier just beautiful! I love your silver piece mixied with the glass, it's very elegant!! On another note what a precious baby, he is so darn cute, and a Big Happy Birthday to Alex! That cake looks delish!!! hugs~~~ Daphne

  2. Those sad faces on the glasses cracked me up!! How funny you are :-) Thanks for having me 26 years ago today!!

  3. Happy Birthday to sweet Alex! She is such a lucky girly to have such a precious and beautiful baby! I could eat him with a spoon...he is sooooo darling!

    Your glasses are gorgeous and I can't believe you got such a wonderful deal...amazing!


  4. Happy Birthday to Alex. (My baby is now over the big 30 since he recently had a BD as well.)
    Those early years go so fast.

    You are a very good negotiator.


    And speaking as a fellow gramma, those little cheeks look perfectly edible to me too!

  6. Rhonda,
    Alex's little Mason is sooooo stinkin cute and happy birthday to her! did get one awesome deal on that Waterford crystal...I almost got that pattern when I picked out my crystal 25 years's very pretty!


  7. Amazing find! Who gets rid of Waterford glasses, anyway? This is my pattern, as well and I am amazed how the stems have gone up in price over the last few years. I'd like to add 4 more to each of my different glasses to make a set of 12; but that will cost me an arm and a leg unless I buy them when the store offers its employee discount to preferred customers. You sure were lucky!!

  8. Wow, that was a very good bargain. He is so so cute and Happy Birthday to Alex.

  9. Love mixing crystal and silver as the tones of each are beautiful together-

  10. Glad you found such a good deal!!

    Happy Birthday to Alex! And yes, little man's cheeks are SO STINKIN cute!! :)

  11. Such a trill to get something you love, want, need and will actually use at a price like this. And that Mason, what an adorable little guy he is! Looks like you had a great week.


  12. LOL-Love the pictures of the baby. I have one that I call SweetCheeks...nothing like those smoochily delicious cheeks on a baby, is there?

    I can't believe you got that Waterford for that price. My daughter would have arm-wrestled you to the ground for those at that price. lol Enjoy them...I know you will. Diana

  13. You bargain finder, you! Nice deal! Happy Birthday to Alex!

  14. Great find, Rhonda!! That is wonderful for you. I have those other glasses that are on your table too, my every day ones. Thanks for joining the party.

  15. Oh, R, what a fabulous negotiated FIND! Did you know that TJMaxx is now selling Waterford, also? I got 8 water goblets for $50 in there, then I went back & bought more ... Actually your table looked lovely with the other glasses contrasting.

    Happy birthday to Alex ... what an adorable kid-ling, he does sparkle, doesn't he! Cute as a button.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  16. You were lucky . What a good bargain

  17. Happy Birthday to your Alex (his cheeks ARE adorable!) Your crystal is lovely and glad you found such a great deal.

  18. Wow! You sure did get a good deal and the glasses are beautiful.

  19. oh what a great find! I'll bet you were smiling all the way home. They are beautiful. Happy birthday to your Alex and enjoy your little ones! So glad to have your visit today!

  20. Rhonda,

    That was a find! I have the Araglin pattern in Waterford and know how expensive it is. I went to the Waterford factory in Ireland. If you saw how much time and effort went into creating these perfect crystal pieces you'd leave thinking they were under-priced!

    Happy Birthday to sweet Alex. I am enjoying her blog.

    Your Friend,

  21. Nice finds! I hear Waterford crystal is very collectible right now.
    ~ Julie

  22. That was a terrific deal. That is my sons and daughter in laws pattern and I know what it cost.

  23. You were certainly at the right place at the right time-what stunning stemware!

    Happy Birthday to Alex too! I didn't realize that she had a blog-I will pop in right now to visit. I hope she has been having a great week.

    Best wishes,

  24. Well, once I could tear myself away from that cute face, I saw the deal you got! Score!

  25. Happy, happy belated birthday to Alex! And, I know as her mom, there is nothing that makes your heart fuller than watching her with her own precious child! Mason is precious! I envy your getting to share their lives every day. Heaven!

    The Waterford crystal, BARGAIN! The crown for your headboard, AWESOME!! Love that! You did a great job, Rhonda.

    A good day to all!

  26. OOOOH lucky you!!! Love those wheelin' and dealin' skills!!!

  27. Rhonda, it is so nice to meet you! Thank you for your kind comments at three pixie lane! I started the blog in May and have absolutely had the best time! Okay, so now I have to say...I am jealous of your find...the Waterford glasses! Lismore is my pattern, too! How lovely is it and to get such a deal makes them even prettier! One of my glasses has a chip and I set it out anyway...shows that we LIVE in our house! :) I don't like to use my nice things just for guest! We pull them out and use them as a family...risky, I know, but I will blink and my children will be grown (taking note of the above picture!) I am excited to follow your blog! Thank you!


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