July 11, 2010

Little Bench Gets a Burlap Makeover!


I have to shake things up around here every few months.  At the moment,  the den/kitchen/breakfast room is getting a mini makeover.

I have plans for a backsplash redo. I am taking down all of the curtains.  I have made a bee-u-ti-ful seashell mirror that I will be sharing soon.  I want to paint the walls, but G-Man is so attached to the Old World finish that is on there now – so not sure how that will turn out.  I recently painted a new finish on one of the tables in the den that I have yet to show too. But, the little bench that lives under it got a mini makeover this weekend.


Be kind... I didn’t do a great job with the stencil, but I learned a LOT from my mistakes!



I loved it before, but I am trying to lighten things up a little.


I still LOVE this fabric.  Maybe I will use it to make a pillow.


I took it back to ugly for a minute.


Then I made a big mess on the kitchen table.


I should have positioned our name higher but too bad, so sad, I didn’t!

83 is the year that we got married.


I wanted to let the seam and the tag show from the burlap coffee bag.

I love that part.


                I definitely neutralized it.  I like it so much better now.


           * * * * *           

I just added a few pieces of vintage silver plate to my mix and match collection


G-Man brought me these lovely roses today.  I almost cried!


Love these…


and these…


and these…


these too!


My favorite.


Actually, these are my favorite.   Thanks, baby!


Alex has finished the makeover in her bathroom downstairs. I love what she did.  And, our walk-out-basement is getting a nice facelift thanks to her!

She is starting the bedroom makeover tomorrow. 

If you want to see the makeover, you can visit her blog, “Blue Creek Basement” 



Thanks to this weeks party hosts:


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  1. Oh Rhonda, you did a wonderful job! I'm really liking the burlap. Yours silverwear is beautiful, I have a collection of it to, I'm always picking up different pieces when I find them affordable. What a lucky girl getting those beautiful roses!!! have a wonderful week.. hugs Daphne

  2. I think it turned out great. I love the tag sticking out.


  3. Oh...I wish I could come over and see all of the things you are doing! I don't want to wait with everyone else...NO FAIR:(!

    Your little bench is darling...I adore your stenciling and leaving the tag showing is sooo charming...sooooo YOU! Love it! I have been wanting to add some grainsack something or other to the front of my house...living room or dining room...I wish you were here to advise me.

    Can't wait to see what you are up to!

    Give that darling baby a kiss for me!

  4. Loving the redo! It looks great!

  5. Love the redo!!! I agree I love the fabric you had before too!!!

    Keep on Junkin!

  6. I think your little bench is absolutely charming, Rhonda. You did a great job stenciling!! Love the burlap and the tag is perfectly imperfect! ;-D.

    I collect all kinds of silverware...I'm glad to hear others do, too. Sometimes I think my family thinks I'm crazy!

    Hooray for you getting roses!!


  7. You are so talented. I wish I could sew like you do! You have such a talent. Every time I see pillows in a store I think of you. Yours are better! HUgs to you and the family. Anne

  8. Oh, what a wonderful blog...I just signed up to follow!
    Thank you for sharing! You are invited to
    come by my blog, too....

  9. What a sweet little bench makeover. Well done! Visiting from Metamorphosis Monday.

  10. Beautiful job with the burlap. The stencil is fabulous. Silverware collections are always fun.

  11. Rhonda, I don't know what I like best from this post! LOVE burlap with stenciling. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE any silver! And, what's not to love about a hubby bringing roses???

  12. Wow. I love it both ways. Glad you're going to use the old fabric in a pillow. Just found your blog and will look at everything from start to finish.

  13. Your little stool is adorable. I really like how you left the seam and tag showing. It adds such character. Working with stencils can be intimidating and believe me I have ruined some fabric a few times!!!

    Great job and wonderful idea.


  14. Rhonda, I love that stool. Looks great to me. I have tried stenciling, too and it must take practice to get things lined up correctly.

  15. You found such a haul ! Love the silver and you did a great job on the chair !

  16. You sound like you've got a lot lined up, Rhonda! The bench is a good starting point and I like both the new and old fabric look.

  17. Love the burlap and stencil! I think it looks FAB!! And the silver plate! My heart is hurting I love it so much!!! Lucky!!

    Can't wait to see what else ya'll are up to!

    Lou Cinda :)

  18. Love the bench! Great job and the tag is perfect!

    I too love, love, love french silver with it's lovely monograms on the back. I love to see a table set with the tines down, it looks so pretty.

  19. Ohhh beautiful coffee bag chair. I just picked up a few and am planning pillows! What fun.
    Stop over soon I think you will be glad that you did.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  20. I love your bench! It's beautiful and totally makes me want to run out and buy a stencil. And that silver is drool-worthy!

  21. i love your bench - you did an amazing job!
    i also love your silver, it is my favorite thing to find. the monogrammed pieces are my favorite.

  22. Rhonda the bench is really beautiful! Love the pretty flatware too. Gorgeous! :)

  23. Nice collection of flatware. Thank you for sharing.
    Greetings, Johanna

  24. R, you did a great job. I thought it was a great find until I read that you did yourself! I can't wait to see the rest of the stuff, you little teaser...

  25. Wow~you have one creative house hold over there. Love both yours and Alex's makeoversThanks so much for stopping by and joining the party...see you next month.


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