July 14, 2010

CSN Review @ Blue Creek Home

I have been offered the opportunity to do a review for CSN Stores.  I am so excited about shopping the 200 plus online stores and picking out that perfect item.  Goodness, I can order just about anything- furniture, cookware, LED lighting, and tons of baby furniture and supplies. 

Most of you know that I am a new grandmother (Muddy to our sweet Mason!).  So, of course I am going shopping in the baby section for him.  Right now he needs a high chair, a rocking horse, and a second swing to put downstairs @ “Blue Creek Basement”. 


***I have been shopping CSN Stores for over 2 hours…yes, that would be TWO hours since I typed that last    paragraph.  It’s addictive!


                                    SOME SELFISH RHONDA WANTS!!!

image image

image image



                          CUTE  BABY MASON CONTENDERS

image  image

image image



  Our little guy is eating from his stroller…we have to get a high chair soon!!!

  Is he not yummy???  I could eat him!!!


                            SOME GREAT LED LIGHTING OPTIONS

image image image image

                                      I love these cool track pendants. 

                                  LED lighting never looked so good!!


                         This would have to be my Led lighting choice, though! 

                                    A perfect Christmas gift for G-Man!!

                                    I am bookmarking this page for sure.

                      W A R    E A G L E !

Stay tuned to see what I choose!!!



  1. I have the feeling it may just be something for that precious little baby! :-)


  2. I got lost in the baby store! So many things I want to get for my new grandbaby! Looking forward to seeing what you have chosen!

    ~ Tracy

  3. I forgot to comment on your "Is he not yummy??? I could eat him!!!" statement because that is very close to what I said about Sean last night after he got out of his bath!

  4. Ooh, he's a sweetie. I would want to buy him everything too.

    CSN has wonderful things and I love shopping there too.


  5. Yay! Mason is excited!! I still think you should get one of the UNselfish Rhonda wants - you deserve it :-)

    Love you lots
    ~ Alex

  6. Congrats Grandma Rhonda! I'm having a CSN giveaway if you'd like to stop by and enter. :o)

  7. Mason is by far the cutest thing on this page... but, I do admire those pink and green quilts and the bunny lamp! Hope you all enjoy some "prizes," as we call them around here. =)

  8. well the little guy is the cutest thing on your blog! but I do love those candle holders as well. I have never heard of CSN - I will have to go over to their web site and check them out. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. I won a give away from CSN Stores and shopped for DAYS! I ordered some really nice sheets and can't wait to get them!

    Mason is just to the moon and back adorable! Can't wait to see what you get him :)

    And WAR EAGLE back at'cha!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  10. Hey,
    I just found your page through a blog I follow daily and I must say I'll be following you from now on! In fact, I was intrigued by your blog name and thought...could it be....we have a place at Blue Creek...could it be the same Blue Creek...LORDY mercy...it is!!! AND we are Auburn graduates and live in Auburn!! I can't wait to read more of your blog. BUT, that little Mason is adorable and I know you got him something special.


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