July 9, 2010

Anthropologie - Mostly Love!


G-Man had an appointment in Birmingham yesterday and I never pass up a chance to go.  So, Alex, Mason, and I piled in with Pa-Pa and set out on the two hour trip.  Mason was a little doll the whole day.

One of the first places we stopped was at Anthropologie.  I could spend the whole day there just on the home goods side.

I took a lot of photographs to share.


These colors are so very rich – I love white, but this is just delicious!


Mirrors and Art


Sweet Smelling Goodies


Kitchen Items


Knobs and Pulls




Great Architectural Elements






…And More Spreads


Architectural Elements Made Into Lamps


Ruffled Lampshades


And A Place to Rest!



This next display was just plain weird to me!!!

From a distance this display looked dreamy.

Close up…not so much!!!

Did I love it or hate it?  I really wasn’t sure!!!


It is a drop cloth with folds, all crusted up with plaster or maybe sheetrock mud. 

This part is actually pretty neat.  And, I love ,love, love, the door.


But, I think they should have stopped while they were ahead.

The plastered cardboard made me wonder


Does it represent





Volcano Ash?

Does anyone else agree? 

Do you hate it or love it?



So what if I didn’t love one of their displays?

Not a big deal!

Any time I see this, you can be certain that I am going in!



What did I buy, you ask?

I loved all of these pretty ruffled scarves.

Mine will most likely end up draped around anything but my neck!



  1. Great pictures! Anthro is great for quirky finds and even better when they are on sale... just have to check the quality of some of the items (especially with the price)!

    I agree though... that display, not the best. Looks like they were trying to be creative, but it just seems overkill.

  2. I was at Anthropologie today! I ADORE this shop! I really could stay in there for hours! There is a Starbucks next door to ours so I can go over for refueling and I am ready for more Anthro;)...love love love!

    I guess I will have to copy and go back and get a scarf so I can be like my sweet Muddy!

    Happy Friday!

  3. I love going in to the Anthro stores. They are fabulous and your photos are wonderful.

    I'm with you. I love those ruffled scarves and always have to buy one.


  4. Yeah, weird is right. Like it from a distance, sort of looks like stuff blowing in the wind, but up close? Weird.

    But when you're store is that good you can get away with a weird one now and then. lol

    The Gilded Barn

  5. My oldest daughter worked at Anthro the summer after she graduated college. Sigh. Good times.:)
    PS I love the scarf you bought. I might need one of those.:)

  6. Oh yes, love the scarves! I have never been before and that may be a good thing. That display got you thinking though, didn't it? Maybe that was the goal. : ) I love the red bowls you show in your one picture in the kitchen area. Yes, I definitely think it's a good thing I haven't been in there before!

  7. Rhonda,

    I'm with you, I could spend hours in Anthro. I think the background of the display that confused you is supposed to be clouds and the folded cardboard is supposed to be birds (origami)

    I'm sure your scarf will look fantastic no matter where it ends up. I bet little Mason loved all the eye candy! Lots for him to look at.

    Your Friend,

  8. I enjoyed my first trip to Anthropologie with you! I agree that the cardboard representation of the "birds" would have scared even Hitchcock!

  9. WOW, now I want to be RIGHT there in that store! I just saw about 20 things I want,lol. Their displays are unlike any other.

  10. Great pictures... I've never been to Anthropologie, I'm going to have to take a trip there!!! Thanks for sharing... hugs~~~ Daphne

  11. I, too, love Anthropologie....it seem like the stores are so different in each
    part of the country. In AZ, we do have a lot of the warm colors that you have shown....and I, of course, love those.

    Thanks for sharing the photos of your outing.


  12. Hello! Good to meet you! I look for those to follow who have Christian values, and I like what you said at the beginning about how precious we are to the Lord, and how He loves us and how He died to pay for our sin. Thanks for sharing that. Also I like your blog and this post. I have several old mirrors like the ones you saw in Anthropologie. I never thougt of putting pictures with them like that. Maybe I'll try that sometime! Thanks Gail Moore

  13. Love what you bought. I think you will love your scarf..what color>
    I don't have one anywhere near where I live and seeing all these pictures makes me wish I did.
    Have missed visiting with you.
    Hope your doing well and glad I stopped by

  14. Love that store! The ruffled lampshade is wonderful. I also like the scarf you bought, and YOU MUST WEAR IT!!!

  15. That store is just dreamy! Ours has more clothes than home stuff though. I would love that blue architectural piece!


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