July 4, 2010

Making Over My Thrifty Find


G-Man went to Anniston last week on business so I jumped in with him.  I had him drop me off at “Apple Barrel Antique Mall”.  Rhoda from Southern Hospitality was there recently too and posted about it here

Even though I spent over two hours there waiting to be picked up, I only walked away with three purchases!!   

I am keeping one of them a secret for now.  I am getting ready to do a tiny redo in my kitchen and my plan is to use it as part of the make over.


This vintage “Suroco Inc.” shell wall sconce didn’t look like this when I brought it home.

(Sorry, I forgot to get a before photo.)

But it looked like…


…this!!!  The bright gold could put your eyes out,  I tell ya!


After cleaning it,  I primed it and lightly sanded the high spots for a quick shabby finish.


I think I will use it for another make over that I have planned in the near future.

(HINT – it is an area upstairs on the top floor)

For now,  she is hanging out in the kitchen!


I was hoping one of my cloches would fit this cute white  base.   No luck!

I can use it as a riser when something needs a little boost.


I fell in love with it’s  glass knob feet.  Great idea!


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See you there!



  1. YOur sconce turned out beautiful and I love the little round disc with the really cute little glass knobs. I know you will find a ton of uses for it. Great finds. Hugs, Marty

  2. What pretty finds you got. That is a great idea for the knobs on the base. I'm sure you can find something to use it for! Blessings, Vicky

  3. What pretty finds. You always turn treasures into the most beautiful pieces. I admire you so much. Anne

  4. Rhonda, I love that sconce painted and distressed like that. I was by that antique store today, but did not have time to stop and shop. Darn! Maybe next time.

  5. The distressing really made that sconce come to life. Paint works wonders on everything, doesn't it?
    Can't tell how large a diameter that pedestal base is, but how about using a glass hurricane on it? You could still get the effect of a cloche if you have one that fits on it...
    :-) Sue

  6. Hi Rhonda,
    Isn't syrocco wonderful? In the after state, that is! I have found several pieces of it recently both at yard sales & the Goodwill. It's amazing how gorgeous it is when painted, and I absolutely love your sconce!

  7. The wall sconce was a great makeover! Job well done and looking forward to seeing it in the next makeover you are working on....

  8. The sconce looks great! That base is neat with the glass feet. Who knows, maybe a future trip will turn up a cloche that will fit.

  9. Beautiful re-do cute girl! Love the shell motif!

    What are you up to in your kitchen...can't wait to see! Hurry up and finish....I have zero patience;)!

    I hope ya'll had a wonderful 4th!

  10. What a little paint and sanding will do for something formerly loved. You did a wonderful job on it.

  11. Hi ya! I came over via BNOTP and love your redo on the candle sconce. And I LOVE the little crystal knob feet on your cloche base! What a great idea! I'm sure you'll eventually find the perfect fit for it *winks* Vanna

  12. I love your sconce after you gave it your magic touch! Very sweet.

    The crystal knob feet on the tray makes it very special. I know you will find a use for it.


  13. The sconce turned out beautifully!!! You did a super job on it. LOVE it!

  14. I love your sconce make over.It doesn't look like the same piece!
    The crystal know feet are just too cute. I'm sure you will find somewhere to display it.

  15. In my recent big cleanout I took 2 sconces like this to the GW. Now I see what they could have been. Why, oh why, do I clean out when I only want it back?

  16. Wow! You did a great job with the sconce! I love it!

    Mary Ellen

  17. Rhonda,
    Thanks for coming to NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS with this pretty "SHABBY CHIC" wall sconce...great find!


  18. Love the sconce makeover...can't wait to see what you have planned for your kitchen.


  19. Love Apple Barrell Antique Mall! Another great little shop in Anniston is downtown and it is called Rabbit's Hutch. She has really cute cute stuff in there!

    Love what you found and can't wait to see the other one!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  20. That sconce is wonderful... now! Beautiful job!


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