March 3, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday, Carolina!!


Twenty one years ago today (March 4th),  we welcomed our second baby daughter, Caroline Rebecca,  into our family.

We all fell head over hills in love with her, immediately!  She was a little pink bundle of joy!



A not-so-happy Caroline waiting with daddy to go home for the first time.



Big Sister, Alex, had a new baby doll to play with!



Miss Priss at a dance recital.



Center stage at a Christmas party with her best buddies.

Caro could glam it up, but she was also as tough as any kid in the neighborhood!



Our college girls.  Caroline and her cousin Katy from Florida!!

They will both be studying abroad this summer. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Happy birthday, my sweet girl.   We love you so much and we are very proud of you.

Mom and  (Dad, Alex, Harley, & Bella!)


  1. Happy Birthday Caroline!! It's obvious your family thinks you're pretty special! Have a great day
    xoxo Pattie and Allie

  2. Happy birthday to Caroline! I love her middle name!



  3. Happy Birthday Caroline!


  4. Happy Birthday Caroline!Reminds me of my two girls.

  5. Hello and Happy Birthday to your daughter! Stopped by way of Low Tide High her middle name.... ;-)
    Have a wonderful evening ~ Rebecca

  6. How precious !! My daughter turns 21 on the 14th ~ Doesn't time fly !
    Happy Happy Birthday to Caroline !

  7. Caroline is beautiful as is her mom. I wish her a very Happy Birthday and wow the special 21st one is one we all remember....
    Lovely post.....
    Have you entered my giveaway it ends tomorrow...
    Take care

  8. Happy birthday to your baby. She clearly takes after her mother - a beautiful lady!

    - Deborah

  9. Thanks Mom!! I love you guys too :)

  10. Your daughter is a beautiful young lady and I hope she has a wonderful birthday!! The baby picture where she is wailing is a hoot! Your hubby must have been a little afraid to take her home! lol

  11. Happy Birthday Caroline!! Enjoy your day! Hope you have a safe and amazing time studying abroad~

  12. I got my "real" baby doll 21 years ago today!! Thanks for the best present ever Mom - a beautiful baby sister all my own :) Ya done good Bomma!!

  13. Nothing Sweeter thank a Baby Girl! Pure delight.They all grow so fast, it's over in a snap.

    Happy Brithday Enjoy~Kim

  14. Aaww, she is so precious! Happy 21st to your sweet baby!
    You ready for some oyster shells? I have a bunch left over, I'm thinking of making some votive osyter shell holders for outdoors patio area!


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