March 5, 2010

A Weakness for Shelves!

I am in love with pretty cabinets with shelves.   I like the wooden ones, the wire ones, the metal ones, wall hung ones, ones that sit atop another cabinet…I like them all.  
I have a few vintage ones strewn around the house.   You have seen most of them -
but hey, lets look at them again!!!

This is the vintage shelf that Alex finished and didn’t like.
It ended up in our master bathroom.

Another vintage, painted one in the great room.

screen porch make-over 072
This one is on the lower level screened in porch.
The door is a window frame covered with chicken wire. The little roof is old rusty tin.  

I bought another vintage painted shelf at an antique mall in Georgia about six months ago.
It hasn’t found a home yet!

These shelves aren’t mine, but I would sure love to own them!!

I adore the glass door and the little latch on this one.

Be still my heart!!! Look at that peeling yellow paint.  And the three narrow doors are great!
(Look at the lights on each side…how fun is that?)

You could sit this on just about any piece of furniture-look how narrow it is!
I love the diagonal grid in the door.

The teal on the inside of this rather plain wooden one makes it feel important.
I like the cubby hole style.

Yep, another painted, vintage, glass doored, cute latched cabinet.
I definitely have a thing!

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  1. Ok, are these ALL yours? I am inspired. I am going to have to share this with some friends also.

  2. I stopped in Ressurect today and fell in love with a shabby white self with glass front doors...I'm just too cheap to pay the price! They had so much new stuff in since I had been last!

  3. One can never have too many shelves! Yours are gorgeous!

  4. I love the shelves you find, Rhonda! Your bathroom shelf is one of my favorites and I like your most recent purchase, too!

  5. They are all gorgeous, but the beautiful green one that you havn't found a home for yet is stunning. I can just see that holding some gorgeous pieces of ironstone. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  6. Oh yes, you definitely have a thing, but waht a wonderful weakness you have, They are beautiful! suzie xxx

  7. I LOVE your shelves. I'm looking for something similar for Allie's room, but so far no luck
    xoxo Pattie

  8. Oh Rhonda, I love them all!! I especially love the one in your bathroom!

    Lou Cinda

  9. So so fun! I love them all! I am having a giveaway...I wanted to stop in and let you know! Meme

  10. You have some really great shelves. I totally love your fish plates. They are gorgeous!

  11. O.K maybe you shouldn't have showed me these...........I now think I really like them as well and want some! Ugh~Kim

  12. I visit a lot, my first time to comment. I collect cabinets and shelves too, now having more shelves than wall space! Great post.

  13. Hi, i love each and everyone of them.They are all so lovely.I really love your blog....Kathy

  14. So beautiful, I love shelves too! I have a lot of them (not as beautiful as yours though) so my one-year-old can't reach my decor...:)
    Love, Chani

  15. I never tire of seeing your beautiful shelves! You certainly know how to decorate them too! You've shown some very nice one. I love shelves too! Wish I had some like yours.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. I love your bathroom. It has given me the inspiration to tackle my "all white" bath and make it as relaxing as yours. I have begun my search of pieces that resemble yours.
    Goodbye family, once done I will never come out!!
    Enjoy, Dana

  17. I love all of your lovely shelves! I'm learning to arrange them/create vignettes...and I'm finding lots of inspiration in yours! I can kick myself...last Saturday I almost bought a shelf and put it back...arghh!!!
    BTW...give tassels another try...just watch out for the super hot glue...ouch!

  18. It helps when you have lots of wonderful stuff to put on them. I'll be right over for a bath in that lovely tub.:)

  19. They are all great, I love your bathroom. Thanks for sharing all your great styling of the shelves too.

  20. I love shelves too, I always have a hard time deciding what should go in them!

  21. Can I live in your bathroom????


    *sigh* *swoon*

    Have a wonderful week!


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