February 15, 2010

New Shabby Pillows and OWOH Winner

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I am so glad that I participated in “One Word One Heart” Give-Away!!!  I met so many wonderful bloggers and my winner is from Malaysia.  More at the end of this post.


I had a great Valentine’s Day.  After church,  G-Man took Caroline and me out to lunch.  They both got me flowers.  Al gave me a large vase of mixed pinks and purples -  lilies, roses, mums.   Caro gave me three huge blue Hydrangea blooms – an absolute favorite of mine.  Thanks guys…and Alex,  I missed you a lot.  You know how much I love you and that you are my forever,  Buggins’ Valentine!!!




Between Valentines fun and snow fun,  I was busy over the weekend making more dreamy-creamy pillows for the Etsy shop.








Congratulations to “Fitty’s Pink Rose Cottage”!!!   You are the winner of my One World One Heart Give-Away!    She has a wonderful blog and a great collection of pink rose china.  I know that she would love to have you visit.





  1. I am loving the pillows! Beautiful! I wanted to invite you over to my blog...Screaming Meme's...It is a decorating blog... www.thescreamingmeme.blogspot.com and I have a comical blog about a "normal" family going GLUTEN FREE...lol www.thisfamliysgonecrackers.blogspot.com I hope you will stop in...Thanks, Screaming Meme

  2. I love you too Bomma!!

  3. Your pillows are gorgeous. I like making pillows similar to yours using vintage linens, that is if I can stand to cut them up! I am a lover of all things romantic and cottagey and you certainly have that style going on.

    Congrats to Fitty.


  4. YES!
    Those pillows are simply devine... gotta have some of those!

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  5. I love those pillows!!

    Congratulations, Fitty!

  6. Congratulations to your winner!!!
    I think that we all walked away from this amazing journey with a gift....the gift of finding kindred spirits...new friends and seeing that we all have things in common.


  7. I am loving your new pillows, Rhonda. Just beautiful. How precious is the one with the rosebud?!

    Congratulations to Fitty. She is a doll!


  8. I got my pillow in a few days ago, I absolutely love it!
    So cute and so well made! :-)


  9. What great pillows - they're very beautiful!

  10. Oh gosh! I won! thank you, thank you, thank you! Never thought I could win this pretty frame and your pillows are so beautiful

    btw, I already reply to your email, have you receive it?

    thank you once again!
    warm regards

  11. I wish my pillows were as pretty as your's! Did you know me and my sister (Kathy from Creative Home Expressions) bought the same exact pillow from your shop? How funny is that? We were giggling over it this morning!

  12. Ohh, you must love to create these "dreamy" pillows, they are so beautiful! Congrats to Fitty!

    Enjoy your week!

  13. Wow, what gorgeous pillows. I'll have to visit you on etsy. I'm in the midst of remodeling and purchasing new furniture. Once my furniture arrives I believe these beautiful pillows would make a fabulous accent. I'm new to your blog but find your photos and posts very lovely. Blue Hydrangeas are my favorite (so pretty).


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