October 13, 2009

Outdoors At Blue Creek Home

Fall is my absolute favorite season. Here are a few photographs around Blue Creek Home plus a few “on the road” photographs.

Our leaves haven’t turned much yet. It won’t be much longer though!!!




G-Man is responsible for this wonderful outdoor “fallscape”. He knew that I wanted to use a bundle of cornstalks tied with orange ribbon. Low and behold, he came home the next day with the cornstalks, a bale of hay , pumpkins, and gourds. What a guy!! I do love him so.

You get a glimpse of the lake in the upper right of the photo.




We have had this wooden wheel barrow for years and still lovin’ it. It has acquired a great patina.

Don’t  you love these gray gourds? I do!




While we were putting the outdoor decorations out, we ran into this little guy. I hate spiders, but this one is just so….yellow! It almost looks like a tick to me!! Does anyone know what kind it is? You can have him!!!




This guy is sitting high up on the courtyard wall.




I am crazy for fall!!




Have I ever mentioned that we have boulders? Some were badly scraped by the bulldozer pushing them around. If we started digging anywhere, we would unearth lots more.




We had these stacked. It’s the perfect spot to rest.




There is a great big one here…




And lots lining the driveway…




And did I mention that we have lots of boulders????? I love every single one of them, too!




I took this photograph in Alexander City. Don’t you love the railroad track in the foreground and the old concrete fence in the background? Dogwoods are the first trees to start showing their beautiful fall colors here in the South. You wouldn’t believe the huge house nestled behind all those trees. It looks like Tara!




Last week, we took a little road trip. This mural is in downtown Sylacauga. I don’t know who the artist was, but it was very well executed. I’m betting a few heads have been bumped trying to get to that lake!



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Hey, it’s time for “Outdoor Wednesday” with Susan @ “A Southern Daydreamer”.

I hope you enjoyed these early fall photographs. I had loads of fun writing and photographing for this post.



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  2. I don't like spider/ticks/whatever either, but that photo is incredible! Your fall decorating is pretty too. Your home looks very cozy and welcoming.
    pk @ Room Remix

  3. I've seen a spider like that but I don't know his name.....Your property is gorgeous! My son and daughter in law live in Huntsville.....
    love your decor, too!!


  4. Rhonda, I love your fall decorations and beautiful photos!


  5. Oh Rhonda, I so love your boulders! Your fall decor is beautiful.


  6. Oh I love the stone on your beautiful home and your beautiful outdoor decor! Boulders are awesome! Cindy

  7. Gorgeous! Love the shutters on your window in the top photo. And the photos of your wee doggies on the side are too cute. What cutie pies! I enjoyed the photo tour around your home.

  8. Your home is gorgeous and I love the view of the lake. Such pretty fall decor. The wagon, corn and all the pumpkins, just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  9. Hi Rhonda, Your yard is beautiful...what a view...So pretty for fall

  10. So nice stopping by your place for Outdoor Wednesday. Love all of the pictures... especially the spider web and all of your boulders!

    Kindly, ldh

  11. WOW you do have boulders! I love your fallscape out front. Your wheelbarrow is so cute. I had one but the years took their toll. I need Hubby to fix mine after seeing yours! That Dogwood tree was stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love the "fallscape", congratulations to G-Man for a job well done. Also I want to say merci for following my blog. So glad you got lost and meandered over.

  13. I love your yard looks beautiful. I love boulders too. Very nice ones you have, and a cute house too. You can keep the spidy though! ew!

  14. I so enjoyed your pictures. Your part of the country is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

  15. I love rock, bolders too! I dont know when i look at them i think how much force and effort it took to create them. Amazing i think. And beautiful in your lovely yard.

    I really like that murral... :) made me smile.

    If you have a moment — I would love you to stop by and say hi!

    TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

  16. i enjoy your photos. the spider web is my favorite.:P the boulders make your landscape more interesting.

  17. I love boulders too. They have such character and add so much to the landscape. Your little blue wheelbarrow is so sweet!

  18. Hi Rhonda,

    Your home and garden are a beautiful setting for this crative AutumnScape! I love the touch of blue. This outdoor vignette really captures the essence of the season.


  19. I like the spider image sooooo much! Great job on the cyber tour of your Fallscape.
    Joyce M

  20. You have a good man too ! We knew what we were doing when we picked them, LOL ! I love your boulders....my hubby really wants some for our yard too ...beautiful yard !

  21. Wow, you really do have a gorgeous home! I love the boulders too, it gives the property a sense of timelessness.

  22. Oh...the outside is as beautiful as the inside...of course!!!

    Your hubby's display is wonderful...you should definitely keep him around for awhile;)!!!

    I love your boulders...they give such a great feel to your garden!!!

    Love it!!!


  23. Lovely. I love all those big rocks. I miss big rocks down here. Sand doesn't totally make up for their absence. By the way, this time of year we have those spiders here too but they are red. Odd looking little guys.

  24. Hi. Those are wonderful and amazing. I haven't see autumn in actual! Thank you for sharing.
    Great post.


  25. That is a cute Halloween vignette in front of your house. Your boulders are a beautiful color. My MIL wants big boulders in her front yard as a barrier from people driving into her house. She lives just past a bad curve. A couple times every year, a car lands up in her yard and has hit the house twice.

  26. Like your Fall decor. Great photos - thanks for sharing (but you can keep the spider). :)

  27. Hubby sounds like a keeper, great job bringing home the fall decor. . .I love your shutters, do show us pictures of the rest of your house sometime. . .Have a great day!

  28. Your photos are lovely. Your guy has the knack of a decorator :-). I'd say he's a keeper. The boulders look wonderful but I know what a problem they can be when you're trying to landscape. Have a great day.

  29. Gorgeous pics!

    I have one of those Mario-Brothers-esque spiders outside of my house too...aren't they great?

  30. Oh yes I do love those gray gourds! Fabulous Fall pictures!!

    :) T

  31. What a fabulous mural. Your hubby is so sweet to get the items you needed for your display! It turned out great! Although I do not like spiders, that is a great picture. Looks like a Spiny Orbweaver Spider. You have a beautiful yard.

    Thank you for sharing!

    ~ Tracy


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