October 11, 2009

Halloween Mantel & Foyer

Blue Creek Home is always decked out for every major holiday. Even though my girls are all grown up and gone, I still love to ready the house for whatever season is approaching.

It isn’t nearly as much fun without them. They always had great ideas. Well, there was this one phase where they wanted everything way overdone – It is what I would call “happy tacky! They wanted our house to look like the houses that we passed after dark with all the blow up figures, crooked lights, no particular theme, and lots and lots of bling! It cracked me up!! I did actually let them go wild one year for Halloween. Yikes- that really did scare everybody!! Thank goodness that phase passed quickly. The blow up yard things are delightful at night. Then they get unplugged at bedtime, the sun comes up, and yards across America become Rubber Graveyards!

Sorry, I can ramble on – ask G-Man or any one of my sisters!

So, this year we couldn’t locate all of our Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving boxes. It was the box with all the foliage and who knows what else. We had to buy a few things, but with Hobby Lobby and their 1/2 price sales and 40% off coupons, we didn’t have to spend much.

The mantel looks like this most of the year.

The mantel and the over mantel that I made the guest room bed from came from the same place. (I also used two matching ones for mirrors in our master bath

I changed out the paintings for one of a dining room. I draped black spider webs over it, exposing the crystal chandelier.

Directions for the picture on the left can be found here.

I especially like the gray cheesecloth draped behind the leaf garlands. It’s called Spooky Stretch- from the Dollar Tree.

I went for a lite spooky theme in the foyer. I have never liked the blood dripping, monster faced, scare the (bleep) out of you look! That’s all a little much for me.

I had this black pleated fabric for years. I clipped it over the tapestry that lives here year round. It sets the dark tone and provides a good background for the decorations.

Love my pheasant hide – a gift from a friend in Jackson

Remember the metal cone I made? I hung it off the urn handle. This one is monogrammed with the letter S, but it would be cute to do a ghost shape or write Boo!

This was the only black bird left in the area and I found him! He seems to be trapped atop a column. I bet he wishes he had stayed at "Big Lotts"!

This not so itsy bitsy spider crawled up my antique lamp!!! ( I hate spiders…I didn’t eeeven like touching this one!)

Making this tree was lots of fun. First, I went on a nature walk and found some gnarly branches. After spraying them black, I secured them in the urn, added some moss around the top, hung the standard bats, spiders, webs, etc., and added some moss and pretty sheer ribbon. Done!

Playing with Picasa!

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Tuesday is "DIY Day" with Kimba @ "A Soft Place To Land".

Cheri is hosting "Celebrate the Holidays" @ "It's So Very Cheri" on Wednesday. This should be a fun party.

On Thursday, I will join the party at "The Shabby Chic Cottage" for Transformation Thursday.



  1. Everything looks soo spooky and great. You did a fantastic job. I love all the webs and foliage. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  2. Momma - Life is too short not to have a little "happy tacky!!"

  3. your mantel is fantastic! Marla

  4. Loved hearing about your daughters phase, I can relate! I really like how you hung the black fabric for a backdrop, great idea. Everything looks wonderfully scary!

  5. Your mantle looks fabulously Fall-ish!

  6. I love it, how fun! I'll have to incorporate some of your great ideas into my own mantle display.
    All the best,

  7. I love all your decorations ~ the spider I could live without! I think that would freak me out {just a bit}.

  8. Love your Fall Decorations and I really love "happy tacky" - every room has to have a little cheese! I think that's what makes it home.

    Thanks for stopping by - I'll be back soon -

  9. I want to thank you again for featuring my giveaway on your site...you are too sweet!!!

    I love all of the spookiness going on at Blue Creek Home...you really have the spirit!!! Love the mantel...it looks like a scene from an old movie...wonderful!!!

    I am going to take another peek and see if there is anything I can copy;)!!!


  10. Notes of "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte", tremble the spiderwebs.....is Bette Davis upstairs????
    Love you very! The Fourth Sister
    Of course, it's fabulous!!!

  11. Mantel looks wonderful. I also go a little over the top at Halloween. I think my grown kids think I am a bit nuts but I guess it is the little kid in me that keeps me decorating my home year after year. It all makes me smile.

  12. Love it! I have the same little black cat that says Happy Halloween! Very spooooky!

    Even though yesterday wasn't that great....War Eagle!

  13. Ahhh-mazing. I hope you will post this to my wed. party "Celebrate the Holidays"

  14. Rhonda...that really spooky...got my attention! :-) You do spooky really good! I like the cloth that you used to drape with...very creapy looking. We love Halloween around here to...have a lot of fun with it. :-)

  15. Fun spooky decorations! I finally gave all my Halloween goodies to my son ans daughter-in-law; they have children who will enjoy them so much! But I still have a pumpkin or two around!

  16. Rhonda, thank you so very much for reading about my sweet momma and for your ocmments. I had a feeling someone out there could relate to how I feel. I am sorry about your mom, you can adopt mine if you want. I love her so very much and only now do I understand the depth of her love for me. have a great week, Marla

  17. I like your daily prayer, thanks for the inspirational words and thoughts.

  18. Looking very spooky and festive at your place!
    Nice job, Happy Halloween month!
    Linda Q

  19. Hi Rhonda, Looking good..Happy Halloween...

  20. Fun decorations! Love them all :)

  21. So CUTE! Love it All!! I wish my boys were little again! It was more fun!

    What happened to our Tigers Saturday?? Yikes!

    Have a great week!

    Lou Cinda :)

  22. Love your mantle spooky decor. Hey, I really like the grey cheese cloth! Too cute!


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