October 10, 2009

Williams- Sonoma Give-Away @ "Mille Fleur"!!!

I have met a kindred spirit in the blogging world. I am blessed with four wonderful sisters, but I do believe Cathy may have been seperated from us at birth. She is a lovely girl and has a beautiful blog, a beautiful home, and a beautiful family. AND... I have never seen so much MacKenzie- Childs in one place!

Cathy is having her first give-away. It is a wonderful mix of goodies from Williams- Sonoma. As much as I hate to see my chances at winning this awesome gift dwindle, I am suggesting that you check it out. You will want to stay a while. "Mille Fleur" is addictive!

I thought I would add a little extra temptation to all of you rooster lovers out there!!



  1. Oh, thank you, of course I will check it out! :)


  2. Dear Rhonda,
    How sweet of you to tell us about this beautiful give away....I will check out her blog and those gorgeous roosters and be sure and tell her you sent me. I love making new friends AND THAT IS THE TRUE GIVE AWAY to win.
    Angel Hugs

  3. You so sweet for sharing the love!

    I’m having a GIVEAWAY over at my site too. Stop by and check it out.


  4. Oh what a great giveaway. I love roosters and will definitely give it a look. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  5. That is the sweetest intro I have ever read...thank you...thank you...thank you!!! I don't have any sisters and have always wanted one or two so I will consider myself adopted;)!!!

    I feel so honored to be featured on your gorgeous blog...you know I am your biggest fan...I am just crazy for your talent and style!!!

    Thank you again sweet friend!!!

    Have a wonderful Saturday!!!

  6. Hi Rhonda, I had to come over here today and thank you for your message...and then I saw this! Thanks for the heads up.

  7. How sweet to tell us about this giveaway! I'm headed that way now!

    Bee blessed,

  8. Thank you for sharing her Blog with us!

    If you get a chance, stop by for a visit. I just put up a post of my newest items, my French Bucket Totes!

    Have a great weekend,


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