October 27, 2009

Bright Beach Cottages & A Haunted House?


Last week G-Man and I were out and about and found ourselves on a local street that we had never been on before.  There was a deserted three story house that was just wonderful.  It was in ill repair and the yard was all grown up.  There was four or five mailboxes on a single post in the front.  Al seemed to think that it might have been converted into a boarding house.

I told him that I would sell our Blue Creek Home in a New York minute if we could buy this house and fix it up.  He looked at me like I had lost my mind.  The funny thing is, I think I was really serious.  So was he!!!  He said it was haunted. I said it had character.  I said I would fight the ghosts for it!  He said I was moving in alone!!!!  He won!   

I happened to mention the old house at one of the local antique malls.  The owner said that when she moved here, she fell in love with it, too.  She and her daughter  walked around the grounds and peeked in windows.  Sadly, the place was falling down inside, she said.  They didn’t try to find out any more about it.

I rode by again yesterday and took some photographs from the car.  I e-mailed them to my oldest daughter, who immediately called and asked if I had lost my mind!!!!  She said that it’s surely haunted.  So, I am going to stop dreaming about the make-over on this wonderful old house, with it’s secret gardens surrounding it.   But…I still love it!


Okay, I hope that’s a glare on my window in the lower right hand corner!!!!   This isn’t a particularly flattering angle.  Oh my,  does it look a little like an insane asylum that you would see in an old black and white scary movie??    Oh, I don’t care!  I would still move in tomorrow!




I still would love to see if I can get inside and check it out.  Another glare in the yard in front of the door!!!  Oh, Boo!  Check out the curtains in the front window.  They are just so very shabby chic!  Well, just shabby!!   I love the mature trees in the yard.




It is hard to tell because the roof doesn’t have much of a pitch, but it has charming terra cotta tiles.




This is the lower left side of the house that reveals the three levels clearly.  There is also a detached 2 car garage  on this side.




This wonderful old iron fence is in front of another old house a couple of blocks over. Is it not the most charming thing?  It looks like a postcard.



Before we get to spooked, let’s look at the adorable cottages that I photographed in Perdido Beach.  They definitely aren’t haunted.  These are happy homes!


These just make me laugh out loud!!!  You almost needed sunglasses to look at them in the mid day sun!




I  think I choose the green two story peeking up on the last row.  Oh, wait, I like the hot pink one too.  Which one do you want?




They look like crayon houses.  Or maybe Monopoly houses!!!!



Here is one last Florida Picture.

A kid was feeding the seagulls from the balcony right above ours.  I did have a couple of photographs where they were so many that very little sky was showing, but I accidently deleted them!!   There were probably thirty of them buzzing the building!!!    

Look at their little feet. They have their little toes pointed!!!  


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  1. Ok... I agree with Hubby and your daughter...its haunted... but still... I too am mysteriously drawn to this old house... What's it's story? I hope you find out... what a great post that would be!

    ~Tis the Spooky Season~
    ~Really Rainey~

  2. Loved the old house, it would be nice to see it all fixed up. I agree you almost need sunglasses to view the other houses. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I am always fascinated by old house's with character, hope you can bet inside and take some pics! Cindy

  4. Spooky haunted house, no I wouldn't dare go inside there hahaha..

    Love all the beautiful colors of the condo.. It made me remember Pensacola!

  5. I'm just glad you didn't start off with, "It was a dark and stormy night"! That is kind of scary looking and how weird those funny spots showed up only in the pics of the front of that house. {insert creepy organ music here}. Those other houses do look like Monopoly houses! I'll take a hot pink one, too.

  6. This entry is super!! That house is sure to be haunted,.....I just KNOW it is!! [I love seagulls too living on the coast of Texas myself ===I have two terrific photos of seagulls on my photo album blog! You should stop by there sometime!]

    My Outdoor Wednesday is a "Lethal Beauty". Come by and see if you will....

    Click HERE

  7. That house does look haunted and huge !

  8. I love that old house. Just the kind of thing I would have gone crazy over when I was a kid.

  9. What a neat and interesting post. All the cottages are neat, but I am like you, that old house just need someone to care for it. I am not sure it would be worth the expense, but think what might be discovered when remodeling.

  10. Ok. When I come home, we are so venturing into that house!! We might find some shabby treasures.... or a ghost. Oh, and we can film it and put it on your blog!!!!

  11. I love that spooky house! There are so many houses around here that I would love to stop and take pictures of like that! I just need to go do it!!! I have seen those houses in Perdido...and you know the those builders down there LOVE the bright neon colors!

  12. I really like those crayon houses the best! Have a wonderful week.
    Joyce M

  13. Oh wow! I love that old house and I felt so sad at its disrepair. I would love to see the inside of it. I am always intrigued by homes like that and wonder at their history. Oh yeah, definitely need sunglasses for those Perdido Beach homes.

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Tracy

  14. Imagine the stories that old house could tell. The new development would make a child smile. It looks like a box of crayons with great primary colors just waiting for little hands to grab. Have a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday.

  15. Rhonda, those cute little cottages are definitely much more scary to me than your haunted house and did I see someone looking out the left side upstairs window on the third picture? Happy Halloween!

  16. lol...that is too funny! It is a very mysterious looking house!! Very intriguing...wonder what the history is behind it?

  17. Spooky, spooky. Those filmy, 'transparent' patches on the pictures - what could they be???? Maybe you should go back on Halloween night and send us your pictures then....road trip!!

  18. Well, I don't know that this house is haunted, but it definitely needs some loving care and attention. I can visualize this as a fabulous home. Wish you could take it on as a project!

  19. When I fell in love with our "wreck" of a house I was also a little afraid it was haunted! I brought a friend over who is sensitive to those things and she found no evil feelings. We have had 2 incidents, but they were friendly! I wish someone would love that house and fix it up!

  20. I think it's great when people can see the potential in something and if they have the money, time, and resources, be able to bring an old beauty like that back to her glory days!
    Love the pretty coloured houses! You're so right! They look like Monopoly Houses! Happy Outdoor Wednesday : )

  21. Rhonda my pups would love your pups. Thanks for following me so I can find your blog again. Bella and Mr. Harley are so cute I love them. The house is darling, the cottages are so colorful! wow I never seen anything like them before. Love the bird shot. Have a nice evening. PS thanks for the house story it was interesting reading about things you heard and you and your hubbies convo about it, to funny!

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