October 25, 2009

Can’t Shake This Shabby Chic Feeling!!!


I seem to be stuck in a “Shabby” mood since I spent time at “Michelle’s Beach House” at the Wharf in Orange Beach last week.

I’m telling ya’ it was the most peaceful place.  Well, it took a minute to go from the hyperventilating stage to the calm stage.   It was hard to maintain the bit of dignity that I have.  I had to - There were others customers in the store! 

I think that I will ask G-man if we can re-do everything at Blue Creek Home to look like the store.  He would probably say yes IF he thought it would really keep me calm all of the time!!!  Awe, I don’t have the heart!  Maybe just the master bedroom???

I decided to photograph the tiny bit of shabby/beachy/vintagy things that I do have and love.  You have to start somewhere!!  I have a feeling I will be adding a few elements.




This Is An End Of A Planter Box That I Bought At An Antique Mall Last Week.




Half Of The Front – Isn’t It Perfect?




Guest Room Shabby Books &Teapot




A Few Treasures That I Found For “Blue Creek Boutique”.  That Is, If I Can Bear To Part With Them!!!     { FYI… B.C.B. Is Coming Soon}




A Bit Of Shab In The Court Yard.




China Cabinet Crystal




I Forgot This End!




My Seashell Mirror




Master Bedroom Chandelier




Master Bath – One Day I Will Show You The Faux Ostrich Skin Walls Up Close!!!


I Love My Blue Creek Home And I Thank God  For It Every Day.



  1. Great photos! That planter box and the courtyard shots...stunning!!


  2. I am loving the window and the chandelier in that master bath. Did you say ostrich skin walls!! Whoa!! You have collected some interesting stuff!! I like shabby chic...not sure if I coud live with a whole house of it or not---I love color and a lot of shabby chic is mostly white rooms.

  3. Great post and photos - love all that shab.

    In the midst of all this financial c-r-a-p, I'm really thankful I love where I live - and my home is my comfort zone.


  4. you are off to a great start collecting things for that new look! I agree how calming that makes me too!

  5. So nice to find your blog. Thank you for stopping by mine and leaving a comment. I will be back for sure.....oh and love those awesome pjs from your beachy store post!

  6. Your new planter is just wonderful and would work quite well in my house! :)

    Love the shell art mirror..love anything to do with shells.

  7. Welcome back! Love all your treasures you brought back home with you especially the planter box. Your master bath and chandelier....oh my....LOVE IT!

  8. I really love what you've done with the books, that's the big thing now. I saw lots and lots of that in the big tents at Warrenton.
    Great pics!

  9. Go to it, ladybug! You're doing great! Love it all ...

    Have a warm wonderful week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  10. The Shell Mirror and beveled glass window are my favorites! I love shabby chic as well.

  11. Ah yes! You have wonderful shabby chic things :o) I had to laugh at "Well, it took....hyperventilating stage to the calm stage." and..."It was hard to maintain the bit of dignity that I have. I had to - There were others customers in the store!"
    and... "He...yes IF he thought it would really keep me calm..."

    Too funny! but I do agree that place was magnificent! I had to call my hubby away from some football to "share" & make him see the wonderful mantle/headboard and the lacy umbrella, etc...and all the wonderful white! haha...I even made the comment "Oh! wouldnt it be great to have that crisp, white, wonderfulness in the bedroom...or guestroom?" ...he did look, but I didnt get any committed reply from him.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  12. Oops! one more thing!
    I love your bedroom and bathroom chandeliers!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (oh, yet another thing...thank you for stopping by and your comment! sincerely...a wonderful, sweet award (blog hug) for a wonderful, sweet blogger!)

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  14. Go with what you love and with what makes you feel at home. You have a great eye for this look and are off to a fantastic start. I especially love the shell mirror, the court yard "shab" and the gorgeous china cabinet crystal.


  15. I love all the seashell items, the mirror and the coral, so beautiful

  16. LOVE that master bedroom chandelier with the cherubs... FAB!!!

  17. Hey, Rhonda,
    I love the look, and I think you are far into it..I was surprised, as you sounded like you had so little, yet, you have so much!
    I live in a "Texas" house, and I have one bedroom (the one I sleep in the most, as one of us is usually reading - or snoring), and I keep trying to bring that look into it...I think I need to tea dye my white (for the Summer) spread..don't you?

  18. OOOOOH! The haunted house IS a bit creepy, spanish tile or not. But that sharp (War) Eagle eye you have certainly was quick to spot the chic curtain in the living room window! I would take the fence and the old myrtles that grow along its length in a (Roll Tide) Alabama minute! Love you very~ The Fourth Sister


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