November 4, 2013

Mannequinns and Music...Christmas Music!

I have acquired mannequins over the years, loved them, and then let them move on to their next adventure.   I suppose I will do the same with my newest girl.  She is a dress maker's mannequin from Sears and Roebuck and she is a total doll!

 Modeling in the courtyard on this
beautiful Monday morning

 She modeled the vintage wedding dress when
I was taking photos for Burlapidated, my new Etsy shop

Good old Sears and Roebuck made everything

A little worn on the bust but with a waist like that, who notices???
Call me crazy, but I am all alone, the house is quiet,  I am having my last cup of  coffee, and listening to Christmas carols.  Yes siree!  You heard me right.  Our cable t.v. network already has the holiday music up and running. 
Christmas is my favorite time of year so I believe it's alright to fit in as much joy as you can before it's all over again!  
I pray that all of you have a wonderful week
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Treasure Hunt Thursday


  1. Thanks for sharing this beauty at my party today. If you ever find one that you don't want (at a thrifty price)...I would happy to take her off your hands :) I have been looking for one and I'm not having any luck :( Heading your way for the GA. game...we will be at the condo...hope that we can get together.


  2. I won't call you crazy, Rhonda, because I plan to have a massive sewing day this week making Christmas items for my booth, Etsy and the Dickens Festival I will be a part of next month. If nothing else, it will keep me going through Christmas stockings, Christmas pillows and Christmas tea towels! : )

  3. Don't laugh- I would love to have a mannequin to actually USE! One of these days-maybe! Love that you are playing Christmas music. Not quite ready here- xo Diana

  4. She's a real beauty. It's hard letting them go, but hopefully you'll be able to enjoy her awhile before she moves to another home.

  5. I would be glad to give your mannequin a new home! I am just waiting for a fabulous vintage mannequin to come my way and then I am going to grab it and dress her up! Visiting from Nifty Thrifty Tuesday!


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