November 25, 2013

A Mid Week Mini Vacation

There is nothing quite like a mid-week mini vacation.  Last week G-Man and I spent two nights on top of Mt Cheaha in an oh-so-cozy cabin.  Yep, cabin #2 was home for us on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

We stayed in a one room cabin 

 Want to see?

Come on in!

The interior walls were covered with stones 
and the furniture was made from small logs.
Slate tile floors were beautiful but cold!

Watch your step!!!
it's only a few steps
to waaaay waaaay down! 

I think the wind blows up there all day, every day and it was really whistling through the bare trees while we were there. It could have been scary but I didn't let my mind wander to spooky movies...often!
Of  course any unusual sound like the ice maker dropping ice in the middle of the night was a bear trying to get to me! They actually did have a bear warning posted - also tried to keep my mind off that too.

We ate breakfast at the Mt Cheaha Restaurant

 The view from the dining room was absolutely breath taking! 

 Yes Virginia...there is a God!
We left the mountain every day for lunch and spent some time discovering and shopping. I got some great items at a couple of junk stores and antique malls.

We didn't encounter any bears while we were up there but we had to stop to let a 10 point buck cross the road. He was a beauty!

Loveliness everywhere!

 Glad you came!

I will try to share some of the good junk I found while we were there.
If I don't get back I pray that all of you have a very blessed and safe Thanksgiving.


  1. we were there for my nephew's wedding in june and I wanted to go back this fall because I knew it would just gorgeous so thank you for posting this! it's such a beautiful, peaceful place...i'll have to put it on my bucket list for next fall.

    happy thanksgiving Rhonda!

    1. Judy - we missed the fall color but it is beautiful there all year round. I would love to see some of the wedding photos.
      Happy Thanksgiving!


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