April 23, 2013

Last Day With Toomer's Oaks

Yesterday, we spent some time saying goodbye to the once mighty oaks at Toomer's Corner

Our sweet Mason doesn't understand what is going on behind him here
But, for AU graduates Al, Alex, Caroline,
and many other Auburn fans -
we understand it all too well

Auburn football games -
Making the trek to Toomers' Corner after each football victory
Throwing toilet tissue high into the big oak trees
Making memories...
Harvey Updyke - you cant' take that away!!!

I  hate using up precious space on this photograph
but Auburn fans won't forget this face any time soon

Harvey Updyke

Harvey Updyke Jr. was sentenced to three years by a Lee County judge Friday after
 pleading guilty to a charge of criminal damage of an agricultural facility
 related to the poisoning of the Toomer's Oaks in 2010.

Coming in 2014

Coming in 2027????

We hope that Mason will make his own happy memories at
Auburn University


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  1. What a cute future AUBURN TIGER!!! We are all very sad here at our house today...it is so hard to look at the pics after they are now gone:( The thing is...we will all now be even stronger than before...thanks to this crazy UA fan. We sure hated that we couldn't make it up on Saturday.

    WAR EAGLE!!!!!!


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