March 17, 2013

Snippets of Blue Makeover

In the ongoing great room makeover, I have totally emptied and cleaned two glass front cabinets. They had the usual bric-a-brac clutter that just accumulates over time and they looked very messy. I guess one gets accustomed to things.  When I started the makeover, I became painfully aware of how bad both cabinets looked.

I filled the cabinets with vintage blue and white china, some white ironstone things, and a few special items.

Breakfront cabinet purchased  when 
we married, a long long time ago!
 Pretend that you didn't notice
that the door isn't painted inside!

 This cabinet got an aged white finish 12 years ago.
Last year I painted the interior dark gray 

 I love old bottles and pick them up 
when I find them for a reasonable price
I just happened to have several 
pretty 'blues' in the collection

 The blue glass dish is one of the few things that
 Al has of his mothers so it got a prime spot in the cabinet

I cannot remember where I got the primitive wooden turtle
 that it's sitting on but I have had it a long time

The set of dishes on the next shelf came from
Tuesday Morning - had them for several years
stored away - never used!

The bottom shelf has my small collection
of  spatterware (?) rooster pieces 
We also got those early in our marriage

 I can't seem to get enough white ironstone platters!
I love them
I have a project idea for the great room
but I need more platters to do it! 
My bridal hair piece sits
in front of Al's mother's dish

Hope your week is a good one


  1. Love the stacked transferware dishes, Rhonda! I think that is a functional and pretty look. That wood turtle makes for a great riser. Such a pretty blue bowl that sits on it, too.

    How did you feel painting that cabinet? I have a corner curio that is the only stained wood piece of furniture in my living room. I've contemplated painting it before, but have always put it off.

  2. Hi Rhonda, love all the bottles. What fun treasures to collect. I am your newest follower now.;-) Have a great week! Love, Wanda

  3. I love the bottle collection! The transferware dishes are great too, you really should pull them out and use them!

  4. Rhonda,
    I have a blue and white collection store in a (painted) white hutch as well! I adore all your antique and vintage bottles and the ironstone platters. Looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with that collection. I also like your "cheap" sheep (below). Staffordshire for $1?! You are GOOD!
    Your Friend,
    PS Glad you like my small token of our friendship. :)

  5. Blue and white are dishes are gorgeous! Such a beautiful cabinet filled with lovely memories and treasures. Hugs Anne


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