September 3, 2012

Old Cloche Base Gets New Feet!!!

Cloches, bell jars, domes - they have several names
Large ones, small ones, glass ones, wire ones, old ones, new ones, fat ones, skinny ones - they come in every description
And, I have never met one that I didn't like!!!

I have quite a few and I'm not afraid to use them - all over the house.  You can change up what's inside for a quick update in a room and it's easy to move cloches from one room to another. 
Get a whole new look by changing out the bases. When I am out junking, I am on the lookout for things that can be used as a base. Vintage items are the best!

This was my first cloche...and my largest one
The base is an antique wooden base from an old column
I recently moved it from the top of my breakfast room
 breakfront  to the center of the kitchen table
I decided to add feet to the cloche to give it more height
and also to keep it above spills at the kitchen table

 I had some unfinished wooden balls with a flat side
that would make nice little feet and give it a lift
but they looked so NEW

 I could not tolerate such a thing
so, out came some Annie Sloan products,
French Linen, Old White and dark wax

Armed with nothing but a paper towel
I was able to get a similar look very quickly

 Do you love an impromptu, quick fix project as much as I do????

 A dab of Gorilla wood glue under each one 
and a little patience for them to dry
(this part is hard for me)
I tend to be a project rusher!!!

 And, Voila!!!
Her new feet have her lifted up 
safely above the sweet tea spills!

 I dressed her simply for now
A couple of shabby old books 
and the little metal bucket from the bar

Here she is a couple of years ago...sans feet
showing off the Fox Family's Country Christmas

I can't wait to dress her for fall
which reminds me...
Happy September
Changing the calendar made it feel more like fall!!!!

Join me:

Let's make this a great week


  1. What a great idea, Rhonda! You really know how to think outside of the box! The cloche is beautiful...I's love to have one that large. It looks great with the books and pail!

    Happy September!


  2. OK I am loving this idea with up-cycling the porch post base, you are so clever! I love Cloches but can never seem to find them but had I seen this one I'd have snapped it up in a heartbeat, its wonderful!
    Thank you for stopping by and your nice comments about the kitchen, it was long but worth the wait! Sounds like we have similar taste in style!

  3. What a clever girl you are! Great idea to add the feet, and even smarter to figure out how to make them match. Love the vignette too.

  4. Great idea you had that charming little pot!!


  5. Rhonda,
    I love the addition of feet to the pedestal base of your cloche! I am always amazed how one takes found items and personalizes them until they are their very own!!! Beautiful cloche!!! Can't wait to see some Autumnal arrangement inside!

  6. Oh you know that I totally love this. Adding the feet is such a great idea. Love the books and plant, plus the one from Christmas, stunning. Thanks for joining TTT. A cloche just makes my day. Hugs, Marty

  7. Rhonda- What a great idea- I just love it- It turned out great- the feet really add a lot- xo Diana

  8. I adore cloches and have a collection of my own! But I'm missing a fabulous base like yours and love the idea of those little feet! I'll be searching high and low for something as fabulous.

  9. Such a great cloche and base, Rhonda! I love the feet you added. You really got a good match with the paints you used!

  10. TY for a great tips... I will bring this back in Sweden.

    Happy day.

    Greetings from a rainy Stockholm,

  11. Oh Rhonda, what a great idea and I'm loving it! The ball feet are great...umm..maybe I'll try this.. Thanks for sharing at MM. Have a good week.

  12. LOVE IT! I love the display with the vintage books and plant!

  13. I love it! Oh yes, aren't those quick fix projects the best? What a clever idea to add the little feet and make them match the old base. Your Christmas vignette is adorable, and I love the idea with the old books and plant. Very nice!

  14. Great idea, perfect treatment for the new legs! Love it! :)

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