June 11, 2012

New Booth at Emma Kate’s Cottage

Sister #4, Jan, and I, worked  long hours getting things ready and then setting up our booth at the beautiful new Emma Kate’s Cottage in Atalla, AL.
We worked and laughed until 11:30 p.m. in the shop the first night…alone…with lots of really old stuff!  Occasionally, we noticed a slight rustling toward the front of the building.  It was a bit unsettling until we  figured out that the huge fan at the back of the store was causing a flag hanging in another booth to whip around some…at least that’s what we wanted to believe!!!!
I have a lot of photographs of the shop but for today I am sharing a few of our booth in it’s early stages.  I will post the other booths in a few days.

The old plaster/brick walls were left in their original condition
with the exception of some sheetrock added at the rear

The building is long and narrow with an aisle down the center – booths on each side
Pendant lights and ceiling fans run down the center of the building
Our main facing wall has incredible texture
A mix of our ‘pretties’ sit atop the old painted mantel
I painted these display cloches in ASCP
Duck Egg – Old White – Antoinette
Jan’s seashell sconce is lovely
More ASCP updated this large hurricane container
Vintage bench and tray freshened up with ASCP
This was my first Union Jack piece…it wasn’t as easy as I thought!!!
I shared this cute baby bed with you in an earlier post
Chicken wire attached to the back makes it perfect for
hanging baby items and some of sisters
incredible handmade pillowcases
We both adore vintage baby dresses
Not positive about these vintage cuties
We decided they must be doll hats
Incredibly adorable,  they are!!
Close up of Jan’s beautiful pillowcases
Look at the detailed hand stitching
these sold the first day!
I decided to sell my vintage wicker mannequin
She is wearing antique knickers around her shoulders
I couldn’t let her be nekky above the waist!!!
I decorated this cloche with a vintage half doll pin cushion
and a vintage porcelain puppy
Some BCH Originals
I still have a lot of washed burlap
I made several long runners and a few pillows
This was fun to make
Love my ruffler attachment!!!!

Ending with a little bling today.
So, if you are traveling through our beautiful South,
make sure to add Emma Kate’s Cottage Antique Mall to
your list of places to see and things to do
You will love it here!!!
Hope you all have a great week
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  1. How very, very gorgeous everything is! Amazing array of goods- Hope you have a wonderful week-xo Diana

  2. Hi Rhonda, must be lots of fun to share a booth with your sister. I would love to shop there, it's gorgeous!!!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  3. What a great place, Rhonda! Such a great setting for the booths. I so wish they had something nicer here by me. My local is like going into someone's old garage otherwise I'd be inquiring about a booth there. Lovely seeing some of your pillows again. Love the cloches with the different colored bases you did.

  4. Rhonda,
    The booth looks great...you two are going to have so much fun doing this. Your sisters pillowcases are beautiful and I see why they sold so fast. As always, your pillows are outstanding and will go fast too. Thanks for sharing at my party. We might be coming up to the lake for July 4...will let you know, when I know for sure. I have opened a 3rd booth...yes...I know I am one crazy lady:) I will tell you more about it later.


  5. Just fabulous Rhonda! Congrats!!

  6. You Do know....that Emma Kates Cottage is my FAVORITE place to go! I go on my lunch hour....OFTEN!!! I am so excited it all worked out and ya'll have a booth there!! Wish I had known you were there I would have gone by...I was at the beach last week though and would have missed you....however, I am sure you will be back! I will go over there tomorrow and visit your booth!!

  7. Oh my, so much to see and such fabulous treasures. Love the mantel and love it all. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  8. I'm speechless. Your space looks amazing and I wish I could stop by this week, except it's about a 14 hour drive for me. I'm happy to have found you and to be your newest follower.

  9. Your Space is Fabulous, what great Inventory you have Created and Sourced... and those distressed walls are sheer perfection! So many times the Patina of Time is not fully appreciated and gorgeous Old Things that cannot be replicated are made to look New... *Gack!*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Everything looks very beautiful, my friend! I wish you all the luck with your new venture!

  11. Your booth is beautiful and I would expect nothing less because you are so talented. I am sure it is doubly so with your sister addition!!


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