June 17, 2012

More Emma Kate’s Cottage

Sister, Jan, and I still haven’t settled on a name for our joint booth at Emma Kate’s Cottage.  Thank goodness our sales are not as slow as we are!!!
The owners, Mike and Theresa Hawkins have made us feel right at home.  We were given a key to the shop on the first day and Mike helped us move in.  He even attached our mantel to the wall for us.  Thanks guys!
Being two hours away is frustrating, but I know that Jan is taking care of business.  She goes in every couple of days to ‘fluff’ and restock – I even get a video! How fun is that?

More photos of Emma Kate’s Cottage
Love the chippy paint and seashells
Beautiful English things
Cutest idea ever!
An old rusty Radio Flyer atop an antique sewing machine base
with purple petunias cascading from a rusty metal planter!
This wrought iron patio set makes my heart flutter!
Lovely old hall tree and christening gown
Old quilts and primitives
Who doesn’t love painted furniture?
Especially in front of beautiful old brick

Beautiful hutch
Check out the old car tags and thermometer signs above it
Nice mix of darks and lights in this booth
Love the large demi johns on the cabinet

Sweet painted chest full of baby things
This vendor has a flare for displaying her wares
I adore this old iron bed in owner’s,  Mike’s and Theresa’s booth
Aren’t the green accents sweet?
Hanging from large iron hooks,
old crystal chandeliers shimmer overhead
Theresa’s pretty  furniture has a wonderful Shabby Chic feel

When real estate is limited, build up!!
Another pretty vignette with an Old English feel


Shop for the prom and then…

…grab a bite to eat!!!   : )
This thing is just way too cute!

I hope your week ahead is happy and full of blessings!


  1. Emma Kate's looks like a wonderul shop Rhonda. I love that sewing machine base/wagon piece...so neat! I hope to make it to this little town one day, and do some shopping.


  2. What a wonderful shop, Rhonda- I think I could get lost in there for a while. Don't you love that sewing machine/wagon combo? That is my favorite, I think. Hope you had a great Sunday- xo Diana

  3. What a great Space & Shop... I'm ADORING that exposed Old Brick Wall... what a great backdrop for all of these fabulous Old Treasures! Glad your Sales are going strong... the right Name will come to you in due time.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. You and your sister have such beautiful things in your booth, Rhonda! That back wall is just gorgeous to have furniture showcased against. It looks like a really nice place. Two hours is far, but it's good your sister is close to it. I'd want something close if I decide to go the booth route.

  5. Rhonda, What a pretty antique mall and I love the rustic walls. I wish you much success in your new space.


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