November 7, 2011

This Weeks Thrifty Finds

I finally found a couple of pieces of small furniture for my booths at Old Bank Antiques.  I managed to get a couple of them fixed up and delivered to the shop as yesterday was the Christmas Open House on the square in our little bitty downtown area.  I will be sharing some photographs of that a little later.

Forgot to photograph before I jumped in - as usual!
Love the shape of this piece - it got all Frenched up -
Share that later,  too

The top table is a funny little piece - it's not even wood, but I couldn't resist the shape
I didn't get the bottom table finished in time for the Open House
It might be staying here anyway, not sure yet.

This twin headboard has been propped up here for 3 weeks
I may just plant vines around it next spring and let it be!!!

So what kind of bargains (or special items that cost a bundle) did y'all find this week?

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  1. Love that little table on the top, Rhonda! I need to get us a nice long dresser and I'm having no luck. The Goodwill here has very little, if any, furniture and I'm thinking of looking on Craigs List. What do you think of estate sales for furniture? Worth my while?

  2. Cute little table-even if it isn't wood....and I LOVE that chest/dresser you painted. I'll bet it looks great with the hardware on it, too! xo Diana

  3. Rhonda,
    Looks like you have been a busy both of those tables...great styles!!! Now don't keep us waiting to long on the finished pics:) I rented a space today and I got really is the second booth from the front door...can you believe that? Perfect timing on that one and it was the size that I was looking for 10x12...I'm one happy gal:) Thanks for coming to my party!


  4. Looks like you found some great treasures. Love your painted piece, gorgeous!!!
    hugs~~ Daphne

  5. Love these!! I have to ask, are those mega sized chalk paint cans or am I imagining things???? Thanx for coming to the party!!

  6. Hi Rhonda, I love the top table also. I would paint it cream if it were mine!! I love the cabinet also. Thanks for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


So happy you are here - I love your comments!