August 23, 2011

Vintage Whites In The Sunshine

I am  excited to share my vintage whites with you.  I have always loved old clothing, but just recently started picking up a few vintage white pieces for my Etsy shop, my booth, and moi, of course!!!  

I recently met a lady who holds estate sales and she always has linens.  She has a picker up North who sends them to her washed and starched!!!  I am willing to give a little more because you can see what you are getting.  When you buy a stained one, you really have no idea if you can get it clean - and then you still have to iron it.  

I decided to let them play outdoors today

I picked up the green painted iron
display at an estate sale last weekend for $10.00
 The base is really cute.

They were happy to come out of the dark closet

and breathe the fresh air

I love little pin tucks...

and lace and embroidery

This tiered skirt weighs a ton!

This gal really enjoyed being free
I have a feeling she was a free spirit in the day!

This is a Christmas tree skirt!
I always think of crazy Bernice Clifton on Designing Women
who wore the Christmas tree skirt to the Christmas party!

How sweet is this slip dress?
It was one of the beautifully laundered
pieces that I purchased from the estate sale lady.

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  1. Hi Rhonda, I'm loving your vintage clothing, their so pretty! I especially love the little slip dress, how adorable!
    hugs~~ Daphne

  2. Rhonda! What gorgeous, gorgeous pieces. ALL of it..from the child's dress to the pantaloons! And I love the little green stand you perfect for displaying your whites! I think about that skit on Designing Women every once in a while too and laugh to myself. That was such a cute show, wasn't it? I have been watching Golden Girls reruns at night once in a while too! xo Diana

  3. Rhonda,
    You have a beautiful collection know I love all of them and that rack for only $10...what a steal!!! I think the pantaloons might just be my fav:) Yes..MC and I had lots of fun!


  4. Those pantaloons are precious! Love your collection of whites.


  5. Great white collection! Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  6. Beautiful pieces. So cute and feminine. I love that green iron display as well. What a good deal you got on that!

  7. Can you imagine those hanging up on washday!! Great collection!

  8. Oh Rhonda, these are stunning! LOVE them! I need to know where this estate sale lady is! lol

    I remember when Bernice wore the Christmas tree skirt! LOL I LOVED that show!

    Lou Cinda

  9. Lovely Vintage Fashions... I'm especially loving the tiered Bloomers.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Makes you wish you were Laura Ingalls!!

  11. What a wonderful collection..the detailing is so pretty...cannot believe the deal you got too! Thanks for showing them to us!

  12. Oh how lovely Rhonda!! You always find the neatest treasures!

  13. Hi Rhonda... have a beautiful collection of vintage white clothing, my friend! Ohhh my goodness...who could resist all the fabulous ruffles, pintucks, lace, and sweet embroidery of these "days gone by" pieces! I think they're awesome and they look lovely out in the sunshine! Thanks for sharing your pretties with us today, dear friend!

    How are you doing, Rhonda? It seems like it has been forever since we have visited. It has been a crazy busy summer for me this year. My visiting and blogging has suffered. Trying to get back into the swing of things now. Well sweet lady...come by and see me when you get a chance!

    Warmest summery wishes,

  14. These are gorgeous! It's so nice that you have a trusted source for your linens. Love that pretty iron piece too...what a deal!

  15. I LOVE vintage have some beautiful ones!

  16. Oh they're lovely!
    And what a deal you scored on the display rack...I'm a little green with envy *winks* Vanna

  17. I just love all the old vinatge clothing, white and other colors also.

    I always hang mine on the clothes line in the sun off and on a couple days to get the musty smell out


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