July 24, 2011

Vintage Jewelry

Hi all,
I want to thank everyone who came by and encouraged me to keep on blogging.  I have changed back over to a new domain name, but blogger will automatically redirect everyone to that address.  I am working on a new header, which will be "My Blue Creek Home".  I also got some of the internal links corrected on my side bar photos and Analytics is up and going at the new address. 
When you google bluecreekhome and go to images, there are photos of my family, baby boy, my home, my makeovers, MY life ...but they all lead you to the bad Blue Creek Home and that really makes me sad. It is totally creepy and sick.  Live and learn!

I needed a break from my blog soap opera over the weekend, so I went to a yard sale on Saturday. I knew there was going to be a lot of vintage jewelry there. When I got there I immediately went straight to the  screen porch where the jewelry was.  They had two rows of tables running along the walls that were covered in bags of mixed jewelry for various prices (all very reasonable). Then there were big tubs full of more jewelry under each table.  

There was barely passing room between the rows of tables.  One girl was on the  floor near the end of the porch and had her 'finds' spread out around her like she was the Queen of the place!!!  I mean really????  Every time someone would touch anything near her zone, her mother, who was hovering around her royal daughter, would let you know quickly that it belonged to  her daughter.  The rest of us were looking at each other in disbelief!! 

It is high noon with a temperature index of 105 and it's crowded on this little porch.  I knew I needed to leave when the  sweat perspiration started to blur my vision and my hair starting sticking to my neck, but I kept thinking,  "I can do this" - this is too good to walk away from"!!!   Well, I got the vapors' bad and I was not even wearing my corset.  I couldn't retreat to the veranda as I was already on it. Oh, the things we do for vintage jewelry.

I hung in there long enough to find these great things

Most pieces are in great shape and ready to wear or sale
And then there is that groovy choker on the left that
I will take apart and use in different pieces of jewelry.

I got three pairs of cute vintage earrings-
A couple of lovely pin/brooches-
five necklaces- a strand of nice faux pearls-
and a bracelet

Love the black beaded choker on the left - it has a gorgeous closure

My favorite piece is the multi-strand bracelet
Love the turquoise beads and those cute little
gold stations with stones

 This is one of my Vintage Rhinestone Cowgirl Buckles!
I have a couple at my booth for $45-
This one is going on Etsy -
(unless someone wants it for less from here)
They are so much fun to make.

I hope you have a great week.

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  1. I love all these pretties Rhonda!! So glad you are getting things worked out over here!:)

  2. Thanx for coming by "our" party Rhonda!! Also I am stealing the updated button lady that is if you do not mind!! I had NO IDEA how to do that!!

  3. Seeing all of those treasures makes me remember rummaging through my mom's jewelry. So glad that the little princess didn't get it all. Good princess's know how to share. Not sure what's going on with your blog, but glad things are looking up.

  4. Rhonda,

    People like that at yard sales and thrift stores iritate me too. I tell myself they need these things more than I do. I love that Vintage Rhinestone Cowgirl Buckle! You're selling them?

    Your Friend,

  5. So glad you didn't give in to the vapors and persevered, cos you got some GREAT stuff!!

    Some people at yard sales never cease to amaze me! The nerve!

    Saw Jan again today...same place....fabric store...we are fabric horders! lol

    Lou Cinda

    Hope your week is great!


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