July 31, 2011

Junking Treasures & A Makeover

Hi all, If you are reading this, know that I am so happy that I have company!!!!  It has been extremely quite here for the last two weeks, but I have been crazy busy working on the internal links of my blog and getting my blogspot address converted my new domain name so y'all can repair my links.

Here is the information: If you changed my address to bluecreekhome.blogspot.com when you heard about my blog disaster, you will automatically be redirected.

If you haven't changed any of my links please use mybluecreekhome.com. Don't forget you will have to change your blog list or blog roll also. I'm sorry to cause you guys extra work, but it is way too lonesome over here.  I had said earlier that I would be slowing down some, but when no one can get here  to say hello, it makes you wonder if it's worth going on!  So please, give a minute to repairing  the problem links and I will be forever grateful.  I have missed y'all lots!  : (

G-Man and Tia Carolina kept Mason one day last week so I could get a long overdue haircut.  I took advantage of the situation and went to a couple of my favorites junk stores while I was out.  I had a blast - it was like a mini vacation.  And, I found some good things, too!

This lady is lovely - she might become part of
a new blue creek Etsy button

I found two great old stained picture frames

This vintage picture has a great black frame
and I like the shape too

I couldn't resist this old crazed butter lid
I surely will come across a base that will work for it sooner or later

This little wire lampshade frame is the cutest thing ever
I have several ideas for it

This was a nice little haul for an hour of prowling in the heat!

I bought this small display cabinet a couple of weeks ago.
It was stained dark with that awful 'mass produced' shiny finish
Some ASCP and wax gave it a new lease on life.
The hardware that came on it was perfect to reuse

I also shabbied her up a little with a pretty floral print inside

I reused the original hardware

 If you're wondering...
I didn't cut out all of these squares and glue each one in separately!
I was able to remove the back and presto...it was really easy.
Don't you think it looks better now???

Thanks for hanging with me through my blog trials. I really appreciate you all.

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  1. You sure did good! I love those frames and the little lampshade is adorable. What a wonderful transformation on the sweet cabinet. The floral background is perfect.

  2. Great finds! I like that fabric in the back of your cubby cabinet thing. Glad you got all your internet problems fixed (well, most of them at least).

  3. Your little display cabinet is so cute. Great job, and finds.

  4. I was so glad to see you on my blog list I just squealed!!! Yeah, Rhonda's back! Glad you were able to get away for some fun, love that little cabinet! xoxo Debra

  5. Love your finds, Rhonda! That lady plaque is so pretty. Your cabinet looks great! Love the paper. It's funny you mentioned how you took the back off because when I saw the first picture of it, I was like "that must have been a pain cutting each square"! : ) The hardware suits it wonderfully, too.

  6. Great finds Rhonda. I love the two Italian tole pics. The little cabinet looks great. Glad to see you posting!


  7. What an awesome load you got on your mini vacation...thanks for sharing all of it at my party.


  8. I got you back on my blog roll....what a hassle this must have been for you but glad you've finally got things back to "normal"...I hope nothing like this ever happens to me.


  9. Love all your finds Rhonda! I would say my fave is the wire lamp shade!!

  10. Love the wire lampshade too. Great finds. Have a wonderful day!

  11. Just added you to my blog roll as well:)

  12. Hey Rhonda, just wanted to let you know that I directed people over here on my current blog post. Hope things are all fixed now! missed you while you were "away"! xoxo Debra


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