June 1, 2011

Treasure Hunt Thursday #9 Tiny Aspirin Tin

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Treasure Hunt Thursday # 9

I have to admit that Treasure Hunt Thursday seems to be stalled!  I know that it takes time to establish a party and I really, really appreciate everyone who links up.  I am not a quitter, plus I just paid the Linky dude for a year, so I am going to hang in as hostess for now.  Tell your friends and neighbors to come with you next time!!!!  

 This is my little stack of really old treasures

Remember when raggedy books weren't cool??
A spelling book and a math book 

 It seems that now it's better if they are borderline destroyed!!

 I imagine we will all be raggedy when we reach 127 years old!!!

 This is the cutest thing!  It is so tiny!

It was found inside the wall between two rooms
at the Hotel Talisi in Tallassee, Alabama 
The aspirins were still inside when they found it

I do believe I got some of  that neuralgia they're talking about!
Too bad,  I am allergic to aspirin!
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Let's look at some of last weeks fabulous treasures, shall we?

Stephanie at  Angelic Accents shared her wedding gown vignette
and some incredible photos of vintage gowns

I love a good rooster!
Rebecca @ Walnut and Vine got this cutie at TJ Maxx
the great wire basket came from a yard sale.

Betsy found these amazing things at an estate sale.
Great finds for Betsy from My Salvaged Treasure.

Did you have a chance to go  treasure hunting this week?  Or maybe, you came across something tucked away in the closet that brought back a flood of memories from your childhood. Blow off the cobwebs and show it off.  We would like to see it!!!


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  1. Thanks for letting us share. happy bloger friend. Richard at My Old Historic House

  2. Lots of treasures here! I LOVE old books and I think you are safe from the asprin, You wouldn't want to take them anyway! I KNOW my Dad still carries a little tin like that around in his pocket!
    Thank you for sharing and hosting!

  3. I love the old books. I can't bring myself to rip apart a book, but I'd buy one for decoration. Love all the treasures!


  4. Hi Rhonda! The little aspirin tin is really cute and I love the old books. Thanks for hosting and take care.

  5. Hi Rhonda- I am glad that you are hanging in there- I am not a linker or I would link up-I just haven't had to time to play around to do it yet. Love the old aspirin tin! How cool is that?! Hugs- Diana

  6. I was able to link up to your party this week! Thanks for the invite. I love the old aspirin tin! hugs, Linda

  7. Rhonda, I remembered I have a post that works for this party. Thanks for hosting.

  8. Rhonda, thanks so much for hostessing this fun event. I've just linked up again with some vintage wedding photographs. I am thrilled that you featured my last week's post!! You are such a sweetheart. I've got weddings on the brain right now! :0)

    Love your little aspirin tin. Think anyone will ever save our ugly plastic Tylenol bottles?!?

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  9. I love those old books and the little tin is so cute.

  10. I love linking your party!!! Thanks for hosting!!! I love the tiny aspirin tin...I have several myself!!!

  11. Great treasures! I cannot get over how tiny the aspirin tin is! I have always loved old books and it did not matter to me if they were "in" or not!

    ~ Tracy

  12. It doesn't look like Treasure Hunt Thurs. is stalled to me. Plenty of participants. It's always fun to see what people uncover.

  13. I have always loved Old Books even when they weren't a hot collectible for vignette displays. Well, actually, I love Books of all kinds and my Library Room probably has more decorating and design books than Barnes & Noble! *winks* Joining you for the Blog Party you're Hosting for the 1st time and sharing a Vintage Pillow I 'scored' at a fav Shop.

    Blessings from the AZ Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  14. Oh, I love your treasures! What a fun party! I have seen the little mermaid button but, never come over. Overwhelmed with my children and my own party. Will have to make this party more often. Love your treasures!
    Thanks for having us.

  15. Rhonda,

    I love your linky party and from the looks of it so do many others!
    My Mac laptop is being operated on and I am using a spare. Once it's recovered, I'll be linking in regularly! I am honored that you featured me and thank you for your sweet words.
    I love old books and always imagine the people that read them. Your petite aspirin tin is a great find. I collect antique tins. Did the Hotel Talisi in Tallassee, Alabama mind the hole you left in the wall to get it? Did you take the two antique aspirins? :)
    Betsy (last week's feature) found the exact basket I had in my Cottage Charm Give-Away!

    Your Friend,

  16. I didn't know that you had this lovely party. I sure understand about trying to establish a party. I do Fresh-Cut Friday every first Friday of the month. It is slow going. I will be back Thursday to
    Link up. :)


    P.S. I love your blog. I'm following you now.

  17. Hi Rhonda, oh i just love these old school books, just imagining who used them. Thanks for linking up for VIF, I always link up when I have something. Hang in there!! xoxo Debra

  18. Added you to my latest post because you are awesome and so is your giveaway. Come on by!

  19. Hang on, dear friend, the thrifting season is just beginning in many areas. I think 30+ links is quite respectable. Those that get hundreds are usually crafts or repurposing parties. Die hard treasure hunters are loving your party.

    I have been a sporatic linker only because I've had to share my computer time. I will have to demand my time!


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