June 5, 2011

Ruffles and Linen


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I am really good at  researching…dreaming…planning…imagining…visualizing…you get the idea!   What I am not so good at is putting  these things into action.  BUT, this weekend, I got a few things done – Hallelujah!!!

I found some white fabric yardage in the bottom of a box of junk at a thrift store. (Yes, I am one of those people who dig when time allows!) I wasn’t sure exactly what was in the package as it was in a clear bag and taped up heavily, but for $2.00, I was willing to take my chances.  I can always use white fabric when I am making pillows.  When I got home, I opened it and found three pieces of absolutely beautiful linen – all a little different,  all white or cream, and all beautiful linen.  There was not more than a yard or so of each one.  After washing it, I pressed each piece using my favorite lavender scented starch and folded them all very neatly like my mom used to do.  Then the dreaming, planning, imagining, etc., started.  I couldn’t  use this beautiful fabric for a pillow insert.  I wanted to make something special and today, I did just that. 


I made a hand towel for the powder room.

The fabric flower is pinned on, and will have to come off for use.

Of course, I had to add a little something more to the counter top to go with the new towel,

so I put an ivy topiary in an old white container that I got free at an antique mall

(Yep,  there was a table set up that said, “Free – one item per person” )

How nice was that????


Not bad for $0.00!!!


I remembered that our gardenia’s are blooming so I went out and

picked a handful and put them in an old bottle.

Now, I feel like it’s done!


I took this photograph in the bright sun so the texture would show.

It has a wonderful hand – it’s so soft and almost fluid

{{{I would love to have a dust ruffle made from this drapey linen.}}}


Does anyone else have gardenia’s blooming right now?

They smell so delicious!

The tiny powder room is filled with their beautiful scent now.

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I did make several other pretty things this weekend, but I didn’t have time to get them photographed.  I will show those to y’all a little later.



  1. Beautiful Rhonda, I love that linen towel!! Martina

  2. That was lucky, Rhonda! Well worth the $2.00 I'd say! Your towel looks beautiful and I don't know if I'd want anyone to use it! : )

  3. Love gardenias. When I lived in Texas, they grew in hedges and perfumed the humid air like heaven.

    janet xox

  4. I love the lil Rose great touch~Cheers Kim

  5. oh i just love gardenias! I had a few in my wedding boquet. :-)

  6. Oh-Rhonda! WHAT a find! And what a good way to repurpose it! I LOVE it- It makes me think of a sweet little baby bonnet! It is just darling and I can see how soft and silky it is.

    I love gardenias. We had a big area of gardenias in front of our house in FL. The day we moved into the house my son (who was 4-a pre-SweetCheeks soul) went next door and took the 2 elderly ladies a big bunch of gardenias. The thanked us profusely for our sweet little boy's gesture. About 2 hours later they stopped us to tell us that MamasBoy had picked every gardenia off THEIR bush to give to them!;>) They did NOT think it was cute! xo Diana

  7. What a beautiful little spot in your bathroom. The white linen is heavenly, ... all combined with the white gardenias and little white vase is perfect!


  8. Hi Rhonda! What a great group of followers you have! We have enjoyed getting to know them . Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a pretty display towel! Hope you're providing a "real" towel, as well. LOL Your gardenias look so pretty in that bottle. :-)
    ~ Sue

  10. Love the towel! Gorgeous. My gardenia is sick - I moved her and she's not to happy about it. My neighbor though has a hedge of gardenias started between our gardens - now imagine - gardenias, magnolias and honeysuckle are blooming - heavenly perfume in the evening!

  11. Love the towel! The pinned flower is such a lovely touch! I would be afraid to use it though if I were a guest there! ;) Too pretty!


  12. Cute tea towel and lovely gardenias. Nice price doe such a pretty vignette!

  13. Such a pretty little towel...love the flower on it. Also love that lovely little white vase. Yes...her dress is BEAUTIFUL...looking forward to seeing her in it and getting her bridal pics made...I see that our temps are going down and that will be good for these outdoor pics.


  14. Rhonda,

    What a beautiful hand towel you created. I love that you pinned the fabric flower on so it won't be destroyed when you launder the towel. The gardenias are lovely. I don't have any here yet but you've inspired me to add them to my gardens.

    Your Friend,

  15. What an adorable hand towel, Rhonda! Love it. Your powder room is so pretty. Are your walls red or rust? They really show off the sconce and the mirror!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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