June 15, 2011

Treasure Hunt Thursday #11 Chalk Paint Ready


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 Welcome to Treasure Hunt Thursday #11

I sure hope this Wednesday afternoon finds all of you well and happy.  I have been very busy and have neglected to update as often as I usually do...sorry, but in the interest of priorities, it was necessary!!!
I have a garage full of treasures to share with you today. I also received my order of Annie Sloan chalk paint from Robyn Story Designs.  As soon as I can find some 'play' time,  I will have some before and after treasures for you too!
I am going to stencil French designs on canvas
or burlap for all of these benches

 Aren't these old mirrors sweet?
That pretty  pink one will just get cleaned up 

My real treasure is the box of chalk paint that arrived from Robyn Story Designs -

We had some great treasures last week

Here are two of my favorites:

found lots of great things
I LOVE vintage buttons and jewelry!!!

Amanda @ Girl in Pink
purchased some beautiful furniture



  1. Yay! Thank you so so much for hosting!!! Just ordered some chalk paint! Can't wait to use it!!!!!

  2. Rhonda~I am waiting for some chalk paint too! Your "pile" looks a lot like my own! Except I don't have a cute pink mirror! Ahhh...I always wanted a sister!- xo Diana

  3. You're going to be busy!!! Can't wait to see the results!!! Thanks for the party!!!

  4. Hi Rhonda, Looks like you have plenty to keep you busy for a while! The benches will be fabulous the stenciled seats.

  5. Love, love the mirrors.
    Thanks for hosting.

  6. Thank you very much for hosting. I appologize for posting twice. My picture didn't show up, so I did it again. Then I hit the refresh button and they were both there. (NOVICE) Love your blog and now follow.

  7. I love chalk paint! Thanks for telling us about this and thanks for having us!

  8. You have some wonderful treasures! Thanks for hosting.
    ~ Julie

  9. sooooo many great treasures!!!


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