May 27, 2011

A Thank You Post From Robyn

Hi guys

I wanted to let you  know that I talked to Robyn and Lori yesterday afternoon and they were thrilled that so many of you visited them. Several of you left comments and followed. They said  I have the greatest readers ever, but of course I already knew that. That's why I love y'all!!

Anyway, Robyn wrote a thank - you post for everyone who stopped by.  We thought that would be the simplest thing - she hasn't gotten into the commenting back, etc. yet. As seasoned bloggers, we probably try to forget how complicated things were when we were first starting - at least it was for me! I had to google everything I wanted to do and purchase Rogaine to help my hair grow back in!!! I am sure I still do a lot of things the hardest way possible.

I will be showing off their beautiful showroom(s)  on Monday and shortly after that, I will share with everyone what I have been  excited about!!!  Another hint????  My 2nd blog anniversary is June 2 and I am hoping that I will have 700 followers by then, too.  So, I have lots to celebrate and I am so thrilled that Robyn Story Designs is helping me!!!!

If you have no idea what I am talking about go back and check out the first post about Robyn Story Designs and Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint. 

Check out their beautiful website, also. You can order chalk paint from here!!!

 Their new blog:  Robyn Story Designs

A little something to make your mouth water @ R. S. D.

 How I wish these were mine!!!

And, if you visit for the first time, sign up to follow, not only  to keep up with their amazing store and  beautiful projects, but you might just benefit next week!!!



  1. Wish all those cans of paint were on my shelves...
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. Good Morning, Rhonda,
    Thank you for sharing the link. I have been wanting to try chalk paint on one of my projects.

    Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful holiday weekend. ~Natalie

  3. I am off to check it out~Cheers Kim

  4. thanks for posting... and sharing... I zipped over and followed.. won't you pop over for a visit and follow? hugs from texas!

  5. I would not mind having a shelf full of that chalk paint right about now! I cannot wait to go visit their showroom.

    Have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

    ~ Tracy

  6. Chalk paint- I have to get me some!!

  7. Oh - I did it! I sought..I found..I signed..I'm in like Flynn! Can't wait to see what YOU have been up to! xxoo Diana

  8. Wish those cans of paint were at my home too! I'd be painting right now - thanks for sharing these wonderful blogs - looking forward to seeing what you're up to!


So happy you are here - I love your comments!