May 30, 2011

Blog Anniversary Week!!!

Blue Creek Home will celebrate it’s 2nd anniversary on Thursday. I will be having an Anniversary giveaway –more on that tomorrow.  I am excited about it!

I hope everyone had a marvelous Memorial Day.  G-Man bought a new smoker and he smoked everything in sight!!!  The turkey breast, chicken halves, and the Conecuh sausage were unbelievably tasty and tender. Of course, we all ate too much and swore we would never do it again.  We know how that goes!

As usual,  I am starting  off my blog week by sharing some thrifting finds that I have acquired in the last few weeks. 


A Vintage Junk Vignette 
I decided to have a formal photo shoot.

Everything is happily grouped together for the first shot.


This lovely Nippon sugar bowl was in a boxful  of stuff I got at an auction.


Sister #4, who is my personal junker!!, found this for a song.


The image is printed on satiny fabric.

I think I will leave her ‘as is’.


Sister #4 also found this silver plate salt and pepper set for me at an estate sale

They had a $20.00 price tag, but she got them

on the last day of the sale for $3.00!!!!


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Have a great week everybody,



  1. Happy blogaversary to you! I love the finds you have here! I would take them all! They are so gorgeous. I hope your week is wonderful just like your Memorial Day! Anne

  2. Happy Anniversary, isn't blogging great?
    Wow- you found some wonderful items!
    have a great week!


  3. Happy early anniversary! And awesome finds. I'm trying to get my mom to be my personal junker. Hope she's as good as your sister :)


  4. Love your junkin finds but I am especially smitten with the silver S&P!! Great deal for $ lucky you are to have sister junkers! hugs, Linda

  5. Happy bloggerversary!! Lovin' your vignette! So pretty!!

  6. Happy upcoming blogiversary!!! Love that Nippon sugar bowl and those silverplated s&p shakers are leaving me weak-kneed. I LOVE polishing silver ~ I know, I'm weird!!

    Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

    Angelic Accents

  7. Wow. What great finds! Everything is so beautiful.

    Madison xxx

  8. Love the salt and pepper pots, what a bargain!

  9. Happy Anniversary!
    Love all your great finds. I'm going to see what I can do to get my sister to start finding stuff for me. The problem is, she always want to keep it! LOL!


  10. The frame on that piece is beautiful, Rhonda! Great price on those S&P shakers!

  11. I love your sister! LOL. That sugar bowl is so pretty! So are the salt and pepper shakers and the photo!!

  12. Rhonda,
    How sweet of your sister to shop for those $3.00 salt and pepper. Sounds like G-man has found a new hobby and a good one at that:) Mr.CC is the same way about his green egg...but that's okay. Thanks so much for coming to my party.


  13. What wonderful finds!! You have to love having personal shoppers :)
    My hubby smoked a brisket this weekend and it was yummy!!


  14. What great finds! I especially love the S&P shakers! What a deal!

    ~ Tracy

  15. Happy Early Anniversary Rhonda! We're thrilled to have you as a member in Beautiful Cottage Boutiques at Shabby Cottage My favorite item is the Nippon Sugar Bowl! Great finds!

  16. Happy Anniversary, hope you have a terrific one! Great finds, wow! I love the S&P shakers and what a bargain, jeepers! Your sister is great too. The sugar bowl's darling and sister 4's item too! So much fun!

  17. Came over from one of my followers...chalk paint giveaway at my joint so it is hopping. Heard you were a big fan of it too. New follower. LOVE the salt and pepper shaker so!

  18. Congratulations on your second anniversary! That is quite an accomplishment. Love all of the goodies I see here. Lovely.

  19. Congratulations on anniversary #2!!! Have loved your blog from the beginning and look forward to many more anniversaries from Blue Creek home!

  20. Posted about you sweet giveaway on my latest post Rhonda!

  21. It's great to have a sister who is a good deal spotter. The s&p shakers are great!


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