April 21, 2011

Hey You Siwwy Wabbits!!!

I have had my Easter decorations out for a month and I just haven’t gotten around to taking photographs.

I think there must be a misplaced Easter box in the basement.  Several things are missing, or it could be that I let G-Man take them to Goodwill when I was trying to clean up my hoarding act last year.  What was I thinking????



A Tiny Village In Clocheville!



I like using vintage bases for my cloches

This is a crumbly vintage column base

(I put it in the freezer for a week to freeze out any unwanted buggins’!!!)



A wobbly rabbit…



…baby chicks add some Easter charm to the powder room

* * * * * * * * * *

My Collection of Easter Animals

Forrest County and this story are fiction.

The names are real.  They have not been changed to protect anyone.

The story takes place in the town square on Easter Day, shortly

after the  Easter sunrise service at “All Creatures Bible Church”.


Everybody is looking quite dapper in their Easter attire

Some of these guys haven’t seen each other since…

the Christmas Eve Candlelight  Service!



Little Felicity Fieldmouse scurries off to check on her brood of young-uns!

She is a little uncomfortable around Abigail Whiskers anyway.



Isabel Carrots (the town gossip) bends Belinda Bears ear with juicy gossip


DSCF6669   DSCF6665

            Edward Carrots and Belinda run into each other in town.                 

Be careful Belinda, you know how that Isabel spreads gossip.



Always something to talk about!

Victor Bacon is in the background hoping that Isabel isn’t talking about him.

Rumor has it that he is in therapy every year at this time

because of his inability to walk by the spiral hams in the grocery store.



Edward Carrots, Henry Slyboots, and Scotty McPaws

are gathered in the town square discussing politics



Scotty McPaws is a very respected Forrest County resident.

He may be making a run for County Sheriff this year.

{This information came from Isabel Carrot.}

Mr. McPaws has not made a formal announcement.

Towns people are saying his Scotland Yard outfit

seems to back up Isabel’s story.


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  1. I love your collection, Rhonda! They are too cute and I love the story! : ) I love that you use old bases for your cloches. That would be something to look for. I had no idea freezing things like this helped get rid of unwanted "friends". Good tip to know!

  2. Rhonda, Your Easter collection is wonderful! Everything is so adorable. I have been looking everywhere for a capital like you have the cloche sitting on. No luck so far. Thank you for joining my party.

  3. Love your story Rhonda! What a great imagination! I bet little Mason would love to get his hands on these Siwwy Wabbits!
    Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter!

  4. Rhonda your story about your figurines is just too cute!

  5. Those small towns all seem to be populated with the same type of characters, don't they. Your story makes me want to revisit the tales of Mitford. Beautiful decorations and love how they take your mind on a flight of fancy.

  6. Hi Rhonda,

    How ador -wable is your collection. I love the way you put things together.

    Take good care,


  7. How cute! I haven't done any decorating. Bad I know. I love the old wooden base. Freezer huh, I'll remember that one!

  8. Everything looks adorable...love your cloche and thanks for the tip on how to get rid of unwanted bugs inside of antique cracky wood!
    Easter blessings to you and yours :)

  9. What a nice collection! Thanks for sharing your post at my party :)

  10. Gorgeous!

    Pink bonding at my page, come and see. Have a wonderful Easter celebration!

  11. Very sweet love all those little things this time of year.

  12. Oh Rhonda, this was such a cute post, everything is just adorable, and I love your cloche with the antique base, it's so pretty! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!
    hugs~~ Daphne

  13. You are so creative! I love this story! Your beautiful grandbaby is going to have fun with you as he grows! Anne

  14. Too cute!Thank you for sharing ~ HPS & Happy Easter~


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