February 9, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award Acceptance Speech

It seems as though the blog award frenzy has died down some as many of us have declared our blogs
award free zones.  I haven't yet done that, so it is with pleasure that I accept the Stylish Blogger Award presented to me by my friend Daphne at Daphne Nicole and Linda Cole.  Hop over and visit.  She has the most incredible shop chocked full of  romantic vintage items - love her purses! 

I believe I am supposed to share 8 things about myself.  Things you guys don't know.
Oh my, where to start?

1. I am scared of clowns.

2. I love little kids who have their shoes on the wrong feet.

3. I got chased and pecked on my chubby behind by a mean rooster when I was little -  terrible thing!

4. Also,  I got my toes snapped by a mouse trap  about the same time that I got the rooster pecking - not a good year for a 5 year old!

5. I turned down the chance to be the wedding consultant for our large Methodist church in Mississippi-still regret that one.

6. Number five happened because I'm a big chicken - some of you might remember my scaredy cat post


8. I look for rainbows every day and I always find them - could be a baby calf getting it's lunch from it's mom, or a cardinal, or the smell of fresh cut grass, or wild flowers on the roadside, or a special phone call.  Occasionally, I get a real rainbow and I know, like the other things, that it is straight from God.

I know this isn't proper blog award etiquette, but it is past midnight so I am not going to pass the award on.  Just know that every one of  you other bloggers who visit me are all stylish bloggers in my book.



  1. Congratulations! I also got this award the other day and haven't passed it on yet because so many of the blogs have Award Free buttons on them! I like this one, it's fun reading things I never knew about other bloggers:)

  2. Hey Rhonda, loved reading a knowing more about you, my daughter n law is afraid of clowns too, I do have a bit of a mean streak in me, as I left a clown on her desk at work one day after finding out that she was afraid of them! She didn't get upset with me, we just laughed about it!
    Hope you have a wonderful day, were having another blizzard come thru today, so I will be staying in most of the day!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  3. What I do like about awards like this, is that you learn more about people you blog with and I always find that interesting. I know I will never send you a photo of a rooster dressed as a clown, I promise.

    What I don't like is that you're supposed to pass them on, so I think you did the right thing by breaking etiquette. I'm award-free, but a sweet blogger unknowingly passed this on to me recently. I just may do the same thing you did!

    Hope you find lots of rainbows in your life…

  4. I received the Stylish award from two other bloggers about a week ago and have yet to do anything about it. I like your respond about passing it on and may follower suit. Thanks for the idea and the comment you left.

  5. hello, Rhonda! "7. I HATE PUBLIC SPEAKING!!!!!" I love this! Just say out what you want to share! Nice to meet you here. Nice day!


So happy you are here - I love your comments!