February 13, 2011

BCH Dining Room Series: Part II


If you missed, it read the first part:      BCH Dining Room Series: Part I

When I started working on the stencil in the dining room,  I thought it would be on all of the walls.  However,  it took longer than I had anticipated.  Also, there are only three walls in the room -  one side is completely open to the foyer with two columns providing a visual separation.  A third wall has a large double door opening into G-Man’s study.  I decided that I liked the look on one wall, allowing it to become the feature wall.


Before I started the stencil,  I did a subtle strie’ on the wall

It adds more texture to the finished wall.


I used a large production size damask stencil


First, I did a darker gray blue through the stencil

On the next application around the room,

I used several lighter shades and offset the stencil

1/4” to the left of the dark gray, creating a drop shadow.


I purchased most of our light fixtures and ceiling fans from a local lighting store that had filed bankruptcy and was going out of business.  They were accepting ridiculously low offers on everything.  They still had a lot of stock left – I had sooo much fun and it saved us a lot of money.  I hung out there so often they knew me by name.   When they saw that I was buying fixtures for a new house, they let me go into the warehouse and go through boxes.  Loved that!


I loved the shape of the fixture and it was the perfect size.


The original finish (baked on high gloss beige) wasn’t great  and had to be changed.


I gold leafed and aged the decorative elements,

fauxed the arms and body in a dark, slightly metallic finish,

and drilled holes to add vintage drop crystals and swags.


I have made several changes in the dining room,
but the chandelier will not be getting a make over…I still love it
OR maybe it will?????
I am thinking lighter, what do you think?
I purchased a two piece ceiling medallion similar to this one.

I am half way finishing it to match the fixture,

but I am thinking I might rather paint it to  match the ceiling


I am busy with a couple of sewing projects and  some accessories are about to get new finishes.   Be back soon with Part III.



  1. The walls look like a fabulous Fortuny in Venice.
    Happy Valentines Day to you!
    Mary Ann

  2. I can't believe that is a stencil, Rhonda! Oh my gosh, I don't blame you for doing just one wall, even just because it must have been a time intensive job. It does look beautiful! Love your chandelier! What luck finding that place just when you needed lighting.

  3. The damask pattern looks gorgeous, I love the colors. ALso love the gold leaf you added to the chadelier - I love working with gold leaf.
    Can't wait for part 3!
    Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day,

  4. The walls look out of this worl BEAUTIFUL...love the look.


  5. Rhonda,

    Stencil the entire wall? I am in awe. What a labor intensive project that was. How long did it take? I love the chandelier especially the luscious drop crystals and swags you added. This room is vie élégante!

    Your Friend,


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