January 16, 2011

Sea Shell Project And The Cutest Video Ever

I managed to get a few more things made and listed on Etsy this weekend.  Both of the completed projects involved two of my favorite things – painted finishes and sea shells.  It doesn’t seem like work at all.  I think I am going to amp up the number of sea shell items on Etsy and here at home too.  I think they add a pop of brightness to a room.
I only buy things for the antique booth and Etsy that I would love to own and that makes me want to keep everything!!!  I am getting better though. 

Are these little guys not the cutest???

One of my very favorite finishes

I am going to have to restock my sea shell bin real soon!
Anyone know of a good source?

    I have the cutest video ever after the party listing. 
Check out my sweet grandson!!!
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  1. So creative and pretty! Visiting from Met Monday :)

  2. Come on Girl! Get your shell on. I even see some calico scallops. Very cool.

    Take good care,


  3. That little chest is darling...really cute..but not NEARLY as cute as that little Mason steering his HOT ROD! LOL Just think some day he will be driving for real...and then you can show him his first driving experience on video- lol Hugs-Diana

  4. Very, very pretty!! We love seashells...

  5. Love the chest! Your little Mason is adorable!

  6. Rhonda,
    Little Mason is just too cute...what a great little hot rod he has here. Love the "birdie" chest and please don't hate me...Mr.CC came home a couple of weeks ago with a ton of FREE seashells for me...I still don't have all of them cleaned up. Hope you have a wonderful day.


  7. Hi Rhonda, The seashell picture frame is gorgeous!! I am also lovin the little chest. I am on my way to check you out at Etsy.

  8. Rhonda, Me again....I forgot to watch the video. Mason has really grown but he is still one of the prettiest little boys I have ever seen. Just precious. I know he must bring you so much joy.

  9. Oh Rhonda...I adore the shell frame...it is GORGEOUS! I need to check out your Etsy shop.

    I can't believe how adorable Mason is...when did he get so big? Time flies...yes?

  10. Hi Rhonda, those are the prettiest projects. I really love the frame--better stock up on more seashells. :)

  11. OhEmGee!! That video is just too too adorable! I can't believe he is so big!!! Precious!

    Love the Credits!!! So cute!

    Lou Cinda


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